Always and everywhere to be honest government


Всегда и во всём быть честным перед государством

In our regular “Better to read” I want to introduce to readers an article of the newspaper Pravda from 1946 year №180. The editors have had the opportunity to use the newspaper archive for 1946, I hope the archive will expand soon. Therefore, we will be happy to acquaint the reader with the truth of those years to consider the relevance of the articles and analyze them. I hope that our initiative will be useful for history lovers. As said the world’s first cosmonaut before the start: “Go!”.

To be honest government!

The Bolshevik party raised the frames of state employees, which is rightly proud of all our people. From among the working masses, of the working class, the peasantry and the Soviet intelligentsia came to the fore talented leaders of the economy, statesmen, faithful to his people and able to carry out his will. Cadres of the Bolshevik party and the Soviet state been honored with the crucible of war, tempered in struggle with difficulties and now, sleeves rolled up, with the characteristic of the Bolsheviks in power, energy, initiative took up the peaceful socialist construction.

But there are still employees of the state apparatus, who have forgotten that honesty and integrity in relation to the socialist state are the first and indispensable quality of every Soviet worker.

The Bolsheviks peculiar to militant intransigence to all sorts of shortcomings. Our party requires a bold dissection of the weaknesses and determined to eliminate them, for without this we cannot move forward. Especially irreconcilable Bolshevik party to the manifestations of dishonesty, bad faith. This is a flaw that the party is unable to forgive anybody. Man, able to deceive the party and the state in the small, can fail and in a big to bring in a serious test. Therefore, it is important the education and strengthening of the frames in our state, the sense of responsibility to the state of consciousness of duty and observance of honesty in relation to the state in all large and small businesses.

Not long ago, the Ministry of state control revealed that the Director of the plant of automotive and tractor electrical equipment “KATEK” the Ministry of automobile industry Burakov has submitted false inflated financial data on the implementation of the production program. Incomplete, and, therefore, unfinished products included in the report as finished. The plant Manager lied to the state, attributing every month to meet its target of 3-5 percent. This plant was completely neglected account, and therefore in plants was attributed to neistovaya details. Material assets squandered. Plant managers themselves going to defraud the state, decomposed and subordinate employees. The plant began to produce substandard products, to deceive, to disappoint their consumers.

Unfortunately, the case with the factory “KATEK” is not unique. Criminal practice additions in the state reporting on the implementation of plans of output, not actually made, exposed on a number of industrial enterprises. Transport, construction companies and agriculture found evidence of false reporting backlog. To hide their poor performance, the leaders of these companies have taken the path of deception of the state, presenting incorrect reporting on the implementation of the plan. Often fake accounts were made for illegal reception of the credit and other funds in a Bank, but also in the mercenary purposes—to obtain personal premiums.

Practice additions could take place only due to the fact that the struggle against this evil was carried out is clearly not enough, he reconciled many of the business managers, but some party workers. Individual leaders of the local Soviet and party organizations is to strictly monitor compliance with the economic authorities of the state of the discipline, seeking in whatever was to hold on to the enterprises of its region the first place in the competition, passed by the facts of additions and deception of the state, and sometimes were taken under the protection of the direct perpetrators of these criminal acts.

Such facts could take place where the party organizations and their leaders lost the Bolshevik principles, diminish the role of party organs, as organs of political leadership. Instead, to achieve genuine success in the competition and their deep political work to mobilize the masses for the fulfillment of socialist obligations, to deal decisively with trouble in production, some party workers was plastered over and concealed the faults of the business.

The government and the party take resolute action against violations of state discipline. As for the additions in the financial statements, the party and the government demand their eradication by gain control, immediate withdrawal from office and severe punishment of the perpetrators of the additions. From now on, the granting of awards to companies on the basis of the so-called “operational data” and other messages is forbidden and may be made only on the basis of accounting reports. Managers of business organizations are forbidden to reward their orders by chief accountants and heads of planning departments, as bearers along with the leaders responsible for the accuracy of the reported data on the implementation of the plan. The Ministry is now developing special measures on improvement of accounting and reporting, strengthening the control over production and financial activities of enterprises. Persons convicted of dishonesty and bad faith, be subject to strict liability and will not be able to rely on the indulgence.

Especially responsible tasks in the fight against such criminal actions, with anti-state practices fall on party organizations, which are obliged to increase their independent leadership.
Direct duty of the party organizations is to educate and strengthen employees of the state start to stand like granite, on guard against any attempts to defraud the state, against unfair treatment of the interests of the state. Any kind of registry and “stick” to the state reporting on the implementation of the plans indicate the desire to show that the plant appears more effort to execute the plan than it actually is. Party organization needs to deal with such phenomena, to prevent any “adhesions”, no falsehood in statements. The efforts of party organizations should be aimed at improving our economic apparatus. Liberalism exhibited by leaders of party organizations against anti-state practice of false reporting and other forms of deception of the state, must end. Party organizations should judge about the workers not by their words but by how they protect the interests of the state, as entrusted to them cherish the public property, as do the tasks of the party and government.

Business managers enjoy the full confidence of the state and clothed with greater authority. But trust does not preclude control. The Bolshevik rule: “trust and verify”. Party organizations have sufficient control rights to in time to open the slightest deviation from the state rules.
Based on party and non-party asset, listening carefully to bottom-up signals, deploying Bolshevik self-criticism, delving deeply into the state of Affairs on the production, Economics, analyzing the statements of leaders of party organizations can improve household workers to help, when necessary, in time to expose and neutralize the unfair people who deceive the state.

Principle, the Bolshevik approach to all issues, strengthening political leadership and control, test execution, deployment, criticism and self-criticism, the ideological hardening of personnel, increase of responsibility for observance of interests of the state are necessary from the party organizations to ensure that our great building work was even more successful, so our staff can better cope with the challenges facing our country.

As you can see from the article, it was far from perfect. Recently ended Great Patriotic war, the entire country was carried out the restoration and construction of cities, towns, etc., many of them were completely destroyed. Industry, health, transport all other branches of economic complex, it was necessary to raise to new heights. Despite the incredible efforts of the socialist society for the protection, restoration, and construction of the socialist economy, the country remained criminal elements who conducted subversive activities against the socialist state, used his position for personal gain. So, even “little” lies have led to negative results in the economy of the country. Here, we must note that the Bolshevik integrity that is an integral runs like a red thread through the entire article and, in General, through all the achievements of the Bolsheviks. The socialist state at the time such criminal elements is not beneficial, no wonder we see this article on the front page of the main newspaper of the USSR. Considering our own results critically, given the class interests of the workers, the Bolsheviks came to the conclusion that the solution lies in strengthening controls and penalties, increased alertness and consciousness as a non-party and party cadres. After all, unscrupulous and dishonest persons engaged in the postscripts and “racketeering” was not only the accountant, Directors and other leaders, but party workers.

Such a principled stance to all charlatans and schemers, conscious and unconscious, – uncompromising struggle against them can only be in the workers ‘ state, which in turn can only be a socialist state. Why it suggests such a conclusion?

Let’s look at bourgeois Russia. Polls of private interests, lies and incompetence, and like that quality in our being elevated on a pedestal and considered the benchmark of social values. All of this “broadcast” society the economic laws of capitalism and the modern capitalist state itself is the guarantor and guardian of such a bourgeois content. Why would a state to take action contrary to the interests of the capitalist class? Not for nothing. Since capitalism is the dictatorship of the capitalist class (the minority), then this approach directly supports the interests of capital in the retention of power and to maximize profits.

The state is a machine for the oppression of one class by another, a machine for holding in obedience to one class other subordinate classes
(Lenin V. I. Complete collection of works, 5th ed., 39, p. 75)

Therefore, the “luminaries” of our time, such as Chubais, Serdyukov Abramovich Zakharchenko, etc. – thieves and crooks are interested in a total lie, by hiding the loot from the workers, blowing dust in the eyes of a fictional economic, scientific, medical, military and other “achievements”.

Criticism and comments will be respectful and Bolshevik principles.

Yu Pylev, K. Polyakov


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