Alternative jeans: what kind of pants are in fashion in 2020. Photo


Daily wearing favorite jeans, it’s hard not to lose individuality. But every girl wants to look stylish and stand out from the gray crowd even on weekdays. To diversify a wardrobe will help women’s pantsthat are comfortable to wear, but look more fresh.

Before you choose which pants to wear this year, we offer to figure out what is in fashion. In front of you five main trends 2020 in the pants.

Pants “Cargo”

Women borrowed from men’s fashion and immediately fell in love with due to comfortable cut and a large number of practical pockets. This is perfect for those who prefer casual style. If the office is not too strict dress code, cargo will be indispensable.

Careful they need to be ladies with a pear shape, because the pockets will only aggravate the lower half of the body. But the girls with the addition of the body “inverted triangle” will be able to adjust the proportions.

Pants with a flared leg

Many remember this trend from my childhood and adolescence. The fashion for flared periodically returns. In 2020 it updated. Now it is necessary to choose pants with ankle-length. However, low women it is better to prefer the classic version.

To wear them offer both with sneakers and with high heels. Due to the volume at the bottom of the legs, thighs in these pants seem more petite.


Nostalgia for the 50-60-th years of the wind wide leg Palazzo. This is perfect for a hot summer. A girl in such clothes it is impossible not to notice. Perfect Palazzo – high waist and wide legs to the floor, fluttering in the wind. Complement the image of the oversized belt and high heels.

The bold and slender girls should look at the Palazzo with bright prints. And hide the flaws, will help the solid model. Operates a simple rule: the narrower hips, the larger leg opening can afford.


Their feature – length just below the knee and flared pant leg. Fashionista has long resisted this trend, as it is not universal. For low women have to wear culottes with a heel or wedge. More full girls should pay attention to models with a high waist. And to keep a feminine body shape, choose a form-fitting top.

Although they are in fashion is not the first year, these pants have not had time to annoy everyone. Only few dare to experiment with them. Despite all the “but”, we must admit that the girl in culottes definitely will not go unnoticed in the crowd.


The stylists decided to go back to women and back in fashion of the good old “pipes”, which nicely hug the legs and accentuate the dignity of all shapes. They are easy to combine with any “top”. Not necessarily to dwell on the hackneyed classics. The store ARGO there are a lot of pants original shades: from bright yellow to elegant Burgundy.

However, fashion experts recommend in 2020 to pay attention to bright colors. Red, blue, orange are at the peak of popularity. And fans of the muted tones will appreciate the pants caramel, creamy yellow or pale coral color.


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