Altai: the villagers freeze in their homes


Алтай: жители села замерзают в своих домах

The villagers Kurbalija in the Altai region are freezing in their homes. Now the temperature in the premises falls to 9-12 degrees. People wear clothes and include several heaters, many have frozen even the plastic window. In the village around half of homes connected to district heating.
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3 January, the village held a meeting of residents with the region head and the head of heating company. Low temperature in homes officials explained to the depreciation of the local boiler room. In the new year, when started cold, some of the equipment supposedly malfunctioned. According to local residents, after a meeting with authorities in the apartments was a little warmer. Today, January 6, boiler re-was a failure, and the temperature in apartments has fallen.

People said that the problem with the heat appeared in the autumn. The owners of the houses called the “hot line” of the Krai government, local administration and treated in emergencies, but the situation has not changed.

Authorities at the meeting said they plan to spend this year a large-scale modernization of the thermal complex of the village for a hundred million rubles to build a new modular boiler. According to officials, the money for these works have already been allocated.

Previously with the problem of lack of heating experienced by the people of the regions of Siberia. Owners of multi-apartment houses in the village Verkh-Usugli in Zabaykalsky Krai reported that the temperature in the apartments does not rise above 10 degrees. Inhabitants of Chita were forced to walk home in street clothes. And in Novokuznetsk citizen came to the rally because of the disruption of the heating season in the city.


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