Alsou took the important decision


Singer Alsou returned to the stage after a long break

The star admitted to us that her new songs will be for fans as a complete surprise. Such a star has not seen one!

My new repertoire not quite familiar: it is more modern and dance — said the singer. — The expiring year I spent on maternity leave. I gave birth to a son — all my a devoted to the family. But now decided it was time to return to the stage.

When the singer does not cease to say: the main thing for her family. Secular receptions it has long been prefer a quiet family evening in the company of her husband and children.

— My daughter is insanely pleasing to me, — says the singer. They study more than one language, engaged in musical school at the Department of piano and very cool. Recently they performed on the stage of the Conservatory with a real adult orchestra. I were very proud of them: they play at a high level. And I go dancing. They painted every minute. But I think that is right, and constantly help them. Sometimes, we learn together lessons. That their mom is a famous singer, they don’t. And sometimes not even realize it. For them it is still amazing when we are together, go somewhere new, and unfamiliar people take my autograph, asking to be photographed!

She Alsu says: his daughters it brings up very strictly. As well as educated her.

— My childhood was very modest, like all Soviet children — continues the artist. — I still remember how much I was waiting for a sack of candy that we were given in kindergarten. Then there was a shortage. Remember, dad gave me a Barbie doll for the New year — I was so happy! I grew up a normal kid — not the same as described in the press. Especially early in my career when talking about the Golden toilet, which allegedly have installed. I’m on this nonsense is not even paying attention. We’re all under the same sun we walk.

Now Alsou is actively preparing for the New year. Holiday she will spend in the family circle. The singer hoped that the owner next year will be in his favor. Indeed, in the house stars dogs adore.

— Has been with us for five years living dog Jack Russell called Bonnie — says the singer. She is beautiful, very moving, with a mischievous nature. The kids love her. My daughter always wanted a dog, and a few years ago we decided to fulfill their request. About the breed is particularly long thought. I already had heard about Jack-Russells, they are fun, playful, very smart. And indeed everything was exactly. Next to her is never in a bad mood. I hope that the owner next year will be to love us as much as we Boni.


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