Allergists recalled prevention of seasonal hay fever


Аллергологи напомнили о профилактике сезонного поллинозаDoctors told how to prevent the symptoms of allergic hay fever.

Hay fever is often called spring fever, because in this period of blooming plants that cause allergic reactions in many people.

The causative agent of pollinosis is directly the pollen of flowering trees, bushes, cereals and weed grasses, floating in the air.

In the world of seasonal allergies affects about 20% of people, mostly women and children. Therefore, the question of how to prevent hay fever, rises sharply in the spring and is considered relevant to mid-fall, as some plants only start to bloom in August and September..

Symptoms of Allergy to pollen:

– sore throat;

– cough, sometimes attacks similar to asthma;

– runny nose;


– itching of the mucous membranes of the throat, nose and eyes, and skin;

– a rash on the body;

– conjunctivitis;

– weakened condition accompanied by fatigue, drowsiness, chronic fatigue;

– poor appetite and weight loss;

– angioedema.

As a rule, the symptoms of hay fever allergies bother you only in the flowering period of the plants, and only those to which the person has an individual intolerance. That is, if you are allergic to ragweed pollen, Cottonwood fluff reactions may not appear.

Prevention of hay fever:

In order to protect themselves from spring allergies should take Allergy tests. This way you will know what plant makes your body such a negative reaction.

Consult with your doctor. The allergist will share the effective recommendations, which will help you avoid the unpleasant symptoms of hay fever. May be assigned to any antihistamine, with the help of it you can without compromising the health and well-being to go outside.

Damp cleaning in the house. It is but one of the main rules of the protection from allergens entering in the home through Windows and doors. Spend damp cleaning twice a day, and the Windows hang a cloth dampened in water or soak the mosquito net that also needs to be done at least two times per day.

Outside wear sunglasses and a respiratory mask, and when you come into the room – wipe glasses with a damp cloth mask to throw and prepare for the next exit to fresh air.


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