Alla kostromicheva shown how frightened the friends at Halloween


Ukrainian top model captivated the audience with his intimidating manner.

The leader and the expert of the project “Supermodel in Ukrainian” boasted a new photo on Instagram, showing what makeup chose to have a party dedicated to the most modern terrible holiday – Halloween.

Despite the fact that Halloween is celebrated October 31, the eve of all saints Day, Alla Kostromicheva much earlier had the opportunity to scare their friends and colleagues, like many other celebrities, because a week ago, all began to celebrate and prepare for Halloween.

The first photo of Alla kostromicheva wearing a creepy way, which make-up artist was inspired by the legendary Frida Kahlo. And second your image Alla called the “Queen of bugs”.

Fans bathed Kostromicheva compliments and said that it all images are suitable, because by nature she has beautiful facial features.


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