Alla kostromicheva opened the secrets to a perfect figure


The need for an integrated approach.

Leading the project “Top model in Ukrainian” Novy channel Alla kostromicheva told how to fight obesity, reports the with reference to Browser.

Model world know about the perfect figure. Alla shared the secrets of weight loss.

Rosebery health

Kostromicheva advised: before you can begin to actively fight obesity, you need to get checked out by doctors. In any case, you cannot start hard “hunger strike”. Moreover, in the period when gyms are closed for active rest, which the slimming process significantly complicated.

“First and foremost, it is important to deal with health. To check if everything is fine with hormones, metabolism. You need to locate the problem and deal with it. It may be that you simply don’t fit a particular products or their combination,” – said Alla.

The next step: “smart” physical activity

Kostromicheva advised not to exert yourself with standard exercises, if you don’t like it.

“Find the sport that fits you. You should not torture yourself and bring to fainting grueling workouts. Someone will be more comfortable to do yoga, and someone to play tennis, and that’s fine,” added the supermodel.

The most important psychological component

Alla kostromicheva stressed that until you understand yourself – to lose weight will not help neither diet nor sports.

According to her, we must study this moment and understand why you have a piece that is not satisfied.

“When you answer this question – it will be a huge step forward. Perhaps you have some childhood trauma associated with a weight, which still does not allow you to get in shape, I do not tire of repeating: eaten candy or maybe somewhere straight, or give you energy, good mood and go unnoticed,” concluded model.


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