All the supercomputers in the world moved to Linux operating systems


Все суперкомпьютеры в мире перевели на операционные системы LinuxThe popularity of Linux among supercomputers due to two factors.

Over the past six months operating systems based on Linux completely replaced the other OS and now are used on all 500 most powerful supercomputers.

In the June 2017 Linux system stood at 498 computers from the list of TOP 500.

Most of these machines are running on a special Linux distribution, which was made specifically for these devices. However, 5 supercomputers are running Ubuntu, and another 20 use one of the versions of RedHat Enterprise Linux.

The most powerful supercomputer in the world is Sunway Taihulight. It uses a special version of Linux called Sunway RaiseOS. The processing speed of this computer is 93 petaflops – about 2 million laptops working in unison.

The popularity of Linux among supercomputers due to two factors. First, scientists can optimize and modify Linux source code for a particular device. Also, the use of Linux in supercomputers is a very profitable decision, because the cost of licensing a custom Linux distribution are the same for all computers.


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