All intelligence agencies are involved in one and the same, but across our


Все спецслужбы заняты одним и тем же, но попадаются наши

I’m waiting for the story about how an ordinary Russian tourist Vadim Sokolov came to Berlin, to then explore the world-famous Cologne Cathedral and enjoy its spire. Sokolov a person is Mature, already under fifty dollars, so he was brought up in the days when the feat of the Soviet people in the war against fascism revered particularly deep, and the falcons could not, being in Berlin to reach the Reichstag building and the monument to the Soviet liberator Soldier in Treptow Park. And the fact that he was a suspect in the murder of former warlord and forest, associated with our intelligence services — so it’s the usual propaganda against Russia, Russophobic hysteria and cave cave whipping up sentiments.

Here is had to the place of interview to Margarita Simonyan with this Sokolov. Even if he doesn’t the falcons, and Krasikov. It is a pity that I’m alone, because people fell in love with the image of two gay Russian tourists in foreign lands, openly talk about themselves in conversation with Margarita.

But in General, something here not so. Crushed professionals. And this is the most important area! Security services, security has received the most attention!

Our leaders — the former KGB, which, as we know, the former does not happen. They genuinely show care and still some damn work.

I have no sympathies to Sergei Skripal, nor even to Zelimkhan khangoshvili. Humanly, they’re completely unsympathetic and their activity is deeply disgusting. But cowboysthe our super secret to me, too, as it is absolutely not for everyone.

It is clear that these people their work in white gloves do. But since you are cool killers, so don’t you ever fuck up like that! Don’t get caught! For power it is insulting, I swear! Let caught by the hand of the Chinese, the Americans and anyone else. All the intelligence agencies occupied approximately the same. But across our and is always a pretext for the scandal. We are still with the Germans quarrel was not enough.

We measure and know no restraint. If the Ukraine found hordes of Nazis, imagine who we in Germany will find out if discord go very far and after the expulsion of diplomats will be followed by other drastic steps.

So I want you to kill some obnoxious citizen abroad, you think of legend normal, don’t give out passports with the same numbers is not lit at all surveillance cameras, guns do not spread anywhere. And don’t get caught hell over and over again.


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