Alina Kabaeva bought a plot of land on the ruble. Its approximate cost is ₽655 million


Алина Кабаева купила участок земли на Рублевке. Его примерная стоимость — ₽655 млн

Edition of the “Open media”, examining the data of Rosreestr, announced that the Olympic champion on rhythmic gymnastics Alina Kabaeva in July 2018 purchased the contract of purchase and sale of 25 acres of land on Rublevo-Uspensky highway. According to the publication, “the approximate market value of holdings in “assumption” is greater than 655 million rubles.”

“Open media” note that until July 2018, all properties of the family Kabaeva “mostly was registered to her relatives.” According to Reuters, the family Kabaeva owns a plot of 45 acres and two houses in “the assumption”. This property, according to media reports, issued on Anna Yakovlevna Zatsepilina (the same name of the grandmother of the Olympic champion).

The plot of “the assumption” Alina Kabaeva, how to write “Open media”, sold skater Anton Sikharulidze, data on this is the extract from the egrn. “Realtor working in the market of elite suburban real estate and familiar with the terms of the transaction, confirmed that the seller made it famous skater. According to the interlocutor, the property was purchased at the market price”, — writes the edition. On the issues of “Open media” Sikharulidze did not answer.

The publication also notes another interesting fact, Lyubov Kabaeva (the same name is the mother of Alina Kabaeva) issued in rent for 49 years of land in Sochi esto-Sadok, in 2010, as evidenced by the data of the egrn and the court of arbitration. According to the “Open media”, Lyubov Kabaeva “this property costs less than 300 rubles a day.”

To find out this was possible thanks to the study of the materials of the Arbitration court. Sochi officials decided to raise the tariff, and tenants (including Kabaeva and Love) with this decision has disagreed and has addressed in court in 2019. “During the hearings it became known that the land costs in 101,5 thousand rubles a year, and local authorities wanted to raise fees by more than 20 times, based on the market value of objects,” write “Open media”.

“Given objects about which the media wrote earlier on [Alina] Kabaeva and her family furnished six apartments in Moscow and St. Petersburg, two homes and 70 acres of land; the total market value, as estimated by “Open media” now could reach about 1.25 billion rubles (valuation was not taken into account the price of the already sold land in Settlement)” — said on the newspaper’s website.

The representative Kabaeva did not answer “Open media”.


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