Alina Grosu showed off long legs


The singer was photographed in a playful dress.

Alina Grosu shared on Instagram a new photo, which showed long legs and a plunging neckline. On the table, for which the singer posed for the camera, there are two filled glasses, so fans of Alina came to the conclusion that she spends time with some man.

Under the singer left the following message:

“Increasingly find the old notes forgotten your poems.. Compare how it has changed my Outlook on life.. and understand what I wrote like a completely different person. and you have this happen?

When you are tired – get…
From Hobbies… from separation..
That is not found in me..
Dearer the sight…gentle hands… When you are tired – call me,
I’ll wait and even to remember..
Now left counterpart,
You’re going to lie, I’m going to argue… When you are tired – get..
No, I’m not a fool, not a Saint…
There is no justice, alas..
Strangers all, and I was born in. When you are tired – call me,
Again, I will silently wish
Not guilty, went out of the way..
I will meet and warm… #2014″.

Judging by the location, which added Alina to their new photo, she is in Poland now.


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