AliExpress will accelerate the process of goods delivery to Russia


Online shop AliExpress has promised to spur the transport company and make them reduce the time of delivery of goods to the Russian customs. We note immediately that all is not concerned logistics in the country, since the ball is ruled by the Post of Russia, known to all Russians its enchanting deliberation.

On November 11, AliExpress will ship the goods to the border of our country a maximum of 10 days, and this will help him transport company Cainiao, which is part of the holding company Alibaba, as, indeed, he AliExpress. Caniao also intends to develop and strengthen its presence in Russia, and at the moment the company is actively concludes contracts with local carriers, including the Russian post.

Another advantage is the collection of all ordered through AliExpress parcels directly in the PRC, i.e. the sellers, wherever they may be, will have to send the goods to China, and further logistics will already AliExpress. The system, in principle, simple, so maybe the total time of delivery to the post office really will decrease, but believe it is not worth it – you need to see how the new scheme will work Mail of Russia.


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