Alexey Chumakov, Alexander Panayotov accused of dishonesty


Alexander Panayotov became a sensation of the fifth season of the show “the Voice.” The performance artist on “blind auditions” has not left indifferent any of the mentors — everyone wanted him in their team. Polina Gagarina and Grigory Leps nearly had an argument, persuading Panayotov to make a choice in their favor. The artist still prefer Gregory.

Many fans of the show already predict Alexander will win, but there are those who believe the singer is unworthy to participate in the project. As it turned out, even friends accused him of vanity, and former member of the team Bilan Alexander Panayotov Bon called arrogant and accused of “ostentatious”.

The emergence Panayotov in the show reacted negatively and Alexei Chumakov, whom Alexander met in the competition “people’s artist”.


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“He ambiguously sees my participation in the contest. Alex believes that this is unfair. And for me it is not. I believe that any of the contestants — a worthy competitor. But for me it is strange how all of us compare? How to choose one? Everyone has something that does not have a different — different voice, different chips” — quoted StarHit Panayotov.

Alexander admitted that he will be very disappointed to reach the final. According to him, despite his considerable skill, he always worried, when out on the stage.

“In fact, it just seems that for me all is easy and painless. The excitement, of course, present. Each stage is psychologically heavy. We sing songs not from their own repertoire. Moreover, there is only one attempt in the air — how to sing, so be it”, — explained the artist.


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