Alexei Navalny explained why the leaders of the protest are unable to collect signatures


Алексей Навальный объяснил, почему лидеры протеста не смогли собрать подписи

Interesting quote from the transcript of the complaint Sable to the CEC:


Pamfilova: You said that you have extraordinary independent examination. What organization?

Representative Sobel: the Bureau of independent expertise “Version”.

Pamfilova: There is a letter from the interior Ministry and from the Ministry of justice. They conducted a market analysis services graphology organizations in Moscow. Average price: 11 thousand roubles for the first signature and for 5 thousand rubles for every following. All signatures Sable would have 3.5 million rubles. The deadline of a week. But with electronic copies of signatures organizations usually refuse to work.

Handwriting expert examination of these records is difficult, in the copies not enough signs. For the conclusion of the necessary original documents.

That is, from a number of organizations declined to verify copies of documents. “Version” checking up on you two days.


I mean, here it is with the money they everywhere. Not only in bitcoins, or in the “reports” about the waste that there is a simple infographic without any detailing and specifying the sources and sinks.

But this reproach Pamfilova in addition to wonderful. Quote the Bulk of it aired on “echo of Moscow” Masha Myers, is beautiful:


M. Myers
― What are the real costs of the collection?

A. Navalny
― Not less than one million rubles. A million is the bare minimum.



Do you know how many according to Mosgorizbirkoma (see website) spent on collecting all these beautiful people?

Yashin spent 551800.

Gudkov spent 593200.

Zhdanov spent 194100.

Million not spent by anybody. No Halamine. No Jankauskas. NO.

That is, Navalny himself with the air of Mary Myers, divine, skazal that all these people COULD NOT COLLECT SIGNATURES because “a million is the minimum.”

That’s what you want – so it is and understand.


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