“Alexandria” is not allowed to hold their Europa League matches at the home stadium


The bronze prize-winner of the Premier League “Alexandria” will not be able to bring to his hometown the group stage of the Europa League.

the region does not meet the requirements of the Regulations of the UEFA Europa League
2019/2020. This conclusion from the UEFA team received at the club office
“Alexandria” a month after the inspection.

we reported in June, the UEFA inspectors visited our club professionals
checked the readiness of the infrastructure of the stadium “nick” to conduct official
international matches of the group stage of the Europa League 2019/2020.

the results of the visit, the inspectors have prepared a report in which the administration
UEFA are unable to accept Alexandria as the venue for the group stage of the Europa League.

particular, the representative of UEFA cat Dalton in an official letter, which we
received today, focused on such factors as the distance is too far
airport Krivoy Rog, Dnepr and Kiev, and the absence in our region
adequate hotel infrastructure (in fact, the first four-star
the hotel is over three hours away by bus — report). Also,
the standards of hotels in our region are not acceptable in size and
the quality of accommodation for officials of UEFA, partners and fans.

alternative competition venue of the UEFA Europa League we go
the near future”, — said in a statement published on the official website of “Alexandria”.

the head coach “Alexandria” Volodymyr Sharan said that his club is 99% homemade
matches in the group stage of the Europa League will conduct at the Arena Lviv.


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