Alexander Rodgers: Masters of genocide — why the US is immoral?


United States of America is the only country in the world, which in its history has used ALL kinds of weapons of mass destruction.

Александр Роджерс: Мастера геноцида — почему США аморальны?

It looks like the genocide of the American aircraft sprays “agent orange” over Vietnam.


Now, when Russia (and Syria), the Western propaganda hard sculpts the image of a bloodthirsty savage, senseless killing anyone for the fun of it (because no other explanation or in the case of Sripala, or in the case of “himataki” the Syrian Duma simply does not), it’s time to talk about morality.


And about the facts.


Even if we for a moment leave hard the imposed Western discourse, where the US and its allies are “extremely concerned” over the fate of Syrian children and “consider the use of chemical weapons is unacceptable,” suddenly found one interesting detail:



United States of America is the only country in the world, which in its history has used ALL kinds of weapons of mass destruction.


Biological weapons Anglo-Saxons began to use almost early when sold to Indians (the indigenous population of America) smallpox-infected blankets.


They also, starting with Vietnam, actively used chemical weapons, from Napalm and white phosphorus, and ending with defoliants (agent orange). Not selectively, against the civilian population. That in addition to the mass death of women, children and the elderly has caused a great number of mutilations and mutations.


The Americans bombed Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq with depleted uranium shells. What also continues to be a huge number of diseases among the local population and affects their offspring.


The Americans – ONLY one in the world who has used nuclear weapons. And NOT against the army (which would still somehow understandable and justified), but against the civilian population of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Can you tell me another country on planete, where the government was paying the citizens for the SCALPS? Including women and children! This is the real policy of genocide, which should be condemned at the level of the Nuremberg and the Hague.


But not always the atrocities of the Americans are not dictated by the policy of the state, and often are manifestations of General immorality and anti-human, inherent in their society. Nobody obliged us soldiers in Vietnam to make a necklace out of human ears (including women and children) – they did it voluntarily.


And no need to tell us that “it was a long time ago.” Those who in youth have committed atrocities in Vietnam, now occupy the highest positions in American leadership, such as Kerry, McCain and other “wipes”. Disregard for human life, underlined the anti-humanism and ostentatious cruelty is the signature feature of American politics that permeate through the entire short history of their country.


Because in the United States in 1864 was built the world’s first concentration camp – Andersonville.


It is in the USA the use of torture, officially endorsed and widely practiced. When were the congressional hearings on torture, no one objected to them from the point of view of humanity – the only complaint voiced by us congressmen to the torture was the fact that they are NOT EFFECTIVE ENOUGH.


It is in American prisons to the prisoners (including Afghan and Iraqi prisoners of war, subject to Geneva Convention) apply humiliation, beating, baiting dogs, the use of caustic chemicals and sexual violence.


After all, the Americans invented the “death squads” dealing with the intimidation, terror, torture and extrajudicial killings of opponents they support tyrannical regimes (in Latin America, in Africa, in Asia, in Greece, Spain and several other countries).


After all, this is the United States nurtured the Afghan Mujahideen, “al-Qaeda”, “jabhat an-Nusra”, ISIL and other terrorist organizations.


No such nastiness, vileness, meanness and filth on the planet, which would practice Americans.


And when another witch Samantha Power or Nikki Haley goes to the podium of the UN, covered in alien blood and guts, and then, picking out the fangs stuck in a child’s hand, starts with crocodile tears to hear about how she cares about the Syrian children (which, until recently, cut the heads of nurtured United States Barmaley), I don’t have that cognitive dissonance, every time I in a quiet awesome from such outrageous arrogance and hypocrisy.


Александр Роджерс: Мастера геноцида — почему США аморальны?

Next show Nikki Haley in the UN


Maybe it’s time to put the issue of the exclusion of the US from the UN security Council? After all, 90% of all wars on the planet over the past 30 years – a war unleashed by Washington. Isn’t it time forces of the United Nations to conduct an operation to force the US to peace, with the subsequent international isolation of the den of vampires and werewolves?

Alexander Rogers


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