Alexander Pedan beat its own record


Leading “New channel” Alexander Pedan known for his passion for extreme sports.

Alexander admits that have already tried more than 30 species, but the most favorite considers climbing on the mountain tops. Not long ago, presenter of “Expropriations” and the judge show “Hto zverhu?” broke its own record, made a ten-day climb to five thousand meters of the Caucasus Kazbek, according to the with reference on the Facts.

However, to climb to the top of the leading the reality turned out only at the second attempt. Five years ago, Alexander Pedan has already tried to climb the mountain, but then was interrupted by weather. This time the top of him obeyed!

Alexander went to Georgia immediately after the end of filming a reality “Expropriations”. In recognition of the lead, the second season was too dramatic, and tests that had to pass the participants, proved difficult even for him.

“On project “X” come from people who want to solve their problems”

— For a team of the second season of “X’s” became a new challenge as some of the participants were married couples and parents with children, — said Alexander. And they are not immediately able to trust us and open up. For example, there was one couple who have been together for six years. Imagine how many they had passed together, used to their relations, and quarrels, it was hard for them to admit any errors and to change. And one of the pairs of parties at home waiting for a small child. In this case, I was worried. I wanted to help my parents and to the child who deserves a happy mom and dad.

— Test for couples have become more complex?

— You know, at some point I even wondered if it was members from past seasons, they wouldn’t do that. But the current “expropriations” understand what is at stake is not only their own happiness, but the happiness of their family. A test was difficult both psychologically and physically. The participants had to overcome the obstacle in the swamp and haul the extra weight to feel in the shoes of the partner.

On TV many entertainment projects and very few of those that bring practical benefits. The “x” is a small but very real life. People come to us who seek to solve their problems. Our couples were changing right before our eyes. And, by the way, I noticed changes, even those participants who left the project first.

As a judge of the show “Hto zverhu?” you will always remain behind the scenes. Don’t want to ever become part of a stellar team of Sergey Prytula?

— I have to admit I wish I had always. We once wanted to do but didn’t know how to implement your plans. If the opportunity came up so I joined in the game and thus tried, it would be unexpected! Frankly, the role of the judge is not as simple as it seems. There’s always complaints and grievances. Even social networks are getting angry feedback from TV viewers. There were cases when after the shooting, came to see me Lesya Nikityuk or Sergey Pritula and said that they guys sued. Often Les is nervous, she feels I hurt her team. Although, I admit, I’m often rooting for women. Just try to remain objective.

Immediately after the shooting of “X’s” you made the ascent on Kazbek…

— I have just started vacation. Last year I climbed the Mont Blanc, now chose MT. One or two ascents a year is enough for me. To completely go into the climbers and do not want. For me, Hiking in the mountains — the way to reboot. Such a real men’s adventure, during which you rethink everything and put everything in its place.

— Why mount Kazbek?

Five years ago I tried it climb, but then was interrupted by weather. Therefore, Kazbek was one of my unclosed a Gestalt (a kind of phenomenon of incomplete actions. — Ed.). And when this year we started to decide which mountain to climb, I suggested MT. In addition, after the Mont Blanc (the mountain is 4810 meters. — Ed.) I wanted to rise higher, and the height of mount Kazbek more than five thousand meters.

— How many people were in your group?

The group consisted of four friends. With two of them I went last year on Mont Blanc. We prepared long and carefully. The Mont Blanc and Kazbek, we were accompanied by a guide, after all it is a very dangerous journey.

— They say summer is the best time for climbing MT.

But it really was. Seasonality dictates the direction. And in July there were not many options. I have long wanted to go to Nepal and make the ascent, but it is better to go in spring or autumn. And to climb Kazbek, summer is the perfect time.

“At the height of 3 thousand 600 meters ached and began to feel dizzy”

— How did you prepare for ascension?

— To rise to a height of five thousand meters, you first need to be hardy. So I was actively running, climbing. I confess that after climbing the Mont Blanc realized that not many know about climbing. So once or twice a week, went to a climbing wall. There I not only climbed the walls, but worked with a professional instructor, who taught me how to work with rope, rope, carabiners, and other equipment. Now you know how to put the base station to secure a friend, go down the rope or to pull someone. All of these skills came in very handy at MT.

Climbing at this altitude often affects the health. You have had the symptoms of altitude sickness?

Only once I experienced what it was like gornyashka (mountain sickness. — Ed.). At an altitude of about 3,600 meters ached and began to feel dizzy. But I realized that the way my body is acclimatising. Although we immediately started climbing, and gradually rose to a certain height. The first few days there was a tent city in the heart of the massif Chaukhi. This is the incredible beauty of the region. From there he made several ascents on three thousand meters, practiced work in cats, with ropes in the bundle. Then rose to 3 thousand 600 meters. And so in several stages made the ascent to the top.

— Where you stayed overnight?

— We had a tent. And also stayed in the premises of an abandoned meteorological station from which the Kazbek made a kind of hostel. Georgians erected in the premises Windows and doors. There is no heating, no beds. It’s just a building where you can defend against strong wind and snow. One night the wind broke our tent. To sleep on the street was simply impossible, and we were moved to the station.

Night stay there in terms of the Ukrainian currency cost 450 UAH. We had on the station a couple of days, so as to continue the ascent was dangerous. The weather is very spoiled. Then most of the groups came back. One night dropped 30 inches of snow, and the wind speed was more than 60 kilometers per hour! Under such conditions you just can be blown away from the mountain.

But you still left.

— It was our decision to reach the top. While we waited at the weather station bad weather, I surprised everyone with his culinary skills. Made for children two pots of soup. Our guide told 33 times that he climbed mount Kazbek, for the first time ate on the mountain soup.

Two nights we spent at the weather station, and the third forecast showed a possible weather window. And with a guide we decided to take advantage of it. Went out in the morning, and top up at 10:30 in the morning. It was a hard eight hours. Blizzard alternated with sun. Several times got lost because the snow was covering our tracks. At some point, one of the members of our group felt so tired that just was not able to go further. This could be the reason that group back to back.

Rules of ascension?

— Of course. Climb to the top and go down group must. To leave someone alone can not in any case. There is a risk that on the way back, this person simply will not find. He can freeze or be covered with snow. So our friend took a deep breath, and climbed to the top. Honestly, he became a hero in our eyes, because did more than was in his power. Though with great difficulty, but has overcome the last hundred meters and did not disappoint the team.

— How did you feel on the top of MT.

— It is difficult to convey in words. It was such an incredible emotion that I cried like a baby. On top of that I’m the first of our group climbed to the top! The last few steps, the guide allowed me in front of him. This is me and touched.

— What is the next height would like to conquer?

— While enjoying this. In the “struggle” with a group, I currently won. Now I just want to be with family and work.


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