Alcohol and your diet: specialists have placed all points over “i”


Алкоголь и диета: специалисты расставили все точки над "i"Better to just give up alcohol.

Diet imposes on the individual certain obligations. It is impossible to get an extra morsel or to give in and choose harmful snack after work. However, difficulties arise not only from the daily diet, but also in planning meetings with friends.

Usually the Friday gatherings are accompanied by a drink “Aperol syringe” or dry red, but on a diet alcohol is forbidden. While alcohol itself is not so high in calories and harmful for the figure. Just after it’ll make you hungry with new force, and it is likely to eat too much, violating the diet.

Tell how to follow the figure, not dropping at the same time of social life. On Friday evening, not rush home to his beloved cabbage steamed broccoli and go to a noisy get-togethers with friends. With our tips the extra pounds you will not get any!

Be sure to eat before the party

Don’t forget to eat before the party. In this case it is half the battle. If you’ve decided to follow a diet, don’t leave alcohol and a relaxed mood to spoil your plans and undermine discipline. The easiest way to celebrate Friday without harm to the figures — to have a snack before the party. Your body will be satisfied and full, and the extra glass of wine or champagne will not make you enjoy endless snacks from the menu.

The snack should be nutritious, but easy. Give preference to vegetable dishes, poultry or seafood. They are well and quickly absorbed, does not burden the stomach and will perfectly fit into your diet. In any case, don’t come to the bar with a keen sense of hunger. A glass of wine wouldn’t reject him, and will only exacerbate. Chance to eat something forbidden or overdo the portion size in this situation is increased several times.

Give up the cocktails

The cocktails were tasty, juicy and appetizing, but not low-calorie. As a rule, all colorful cocktails in pretty glasses with ice cubes and decoration of fruits and berries are very high in calories. This is not surprising, because, firstly, the preparation, mixing several types of alcohol, and, secondly, often in these drinks add sweet syrups. The output is a real calorie bomb.

If you got to meet with friends, then order of pure spirits. He longer enters the blood, this means that intoxication will not come quickly. And he’s virtually harmless for the figure. And the hangover the morning after cozy get-togethers is also virtually eliminated.

Determine your maximum advance

Going to have fun with friends? You remember this relax atmosphere of most pubs. There you are well, warm and cozy, and your brain and stomach are much easier to persuade you to little weaknesses, which can result in a great number on the scales. Define your permitted limit in advance and strictly follow the set goals, without succumbing to the delicious smells from the bowls of neighbors in the table and the entreaties of friends.

It is not difficult. Your allowable rate does not exceed two glasses of some strong alcohol. By the way, this is not necessarily the wine, because it pretty quickly gets drunk. Repeat this figure as a mantra until you roll up or ride in a taxi. Here’s a simple secret of success.

Choose the right snacks

Of course, no snack in the bar or to do is difficult. Indulge in light snacks under the alcohol, but choose them wisely. Discard any fast food. Protein foods are also a good choice.

But healthy fats, like never. Order your fish steamed or grilled and vegetable salad, seasoned with olive oil. This food is a perfect complement to a glass of something strong.

Bravely cope with a hangover

The hangover is an unpredictable thing. It can catch you even after one glass of wine. Not necessarily to get drunk in the morning to meet this unexpected guest. Insidious moment!

Hangover is quite simple to give in and treat yourself to something tasty. Prepare for this in advance and keep the defense. Don’t let your not the best form to take precedence over discipline and your goals. The figure of dreams is a small moral discomfort because of the refusal of food.

There is a solution: try to drink more water. Dehydrated after drinking alcohol, so it is sharper than feels hunger. To eat after the party, better products that are rich in protein or fiber.


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