Alchemist’s dream: scientists have discovered bacteria that produces gold


Мечта алхимика: ученые открыли бактерию, вырабатывающую золотоThe organism “eats” copper.

An international team of scientists has discovered bacteria in the process of life produce pure gold. It was called Cupriavidus metallidurans.

It was found that the organism lives in the soil with high content of heavy metals and copper. According to scientists, the organism “eats” copper, however, its quantity must be strictly limited.

It is known that the mechanism of decomposition of the salts of gold and copper runs on the outer side of the membrane. The decomposition goes to compounds which are able to penetrate through the cell wall. When there is a saturation with copper, the surplus begins to be excreted from bacteria. In the relevant biochemical reactions under the influence of a special enzyme are involved and compounds of gold.

The effect of this process is the formation of metallic gold particles with a size of not larger than several nanometers. Gold particles are deposited on the outside of the bacterial cell wall. According to the researchers, this process lays the Foundation for the gold nuggets that are found in gold-bearing ore.


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