Albania has completed the rescue operation after the earthquake


Killed 50 people.

After a series of earthquakes in Albania, which began on 26 November, the rescuers had just stopped searching for victims. Just discovered 50 victims.

Earlier it was discussed 49 victims. Now rescuers believe that from the wreckage they recovered the bodies of all the victims. Besides, officially it is estimated that about 2 thousand people were injured, and one of the victims fell into a coma.

The sad statistics goes on and on: without housing there are 4 thousand people, with 2.5 million of them are temporarily placed in hotels near places of residence. The rest of the people went to the East of Albania or in Kosovo.

According to the Prime Minister of Albania EDI Rama, 1465 severely damaged buildings in the capital, Tirana, and 900 — near Durres. Several buildings that were damaged, was knocked down.

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The families of the victims, the authorities promised to pay 1 million Lek (214806.33 UAH).


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