Alan Badoev made an unexpected confession


The music video Director also admitted what he wants, and told about the most iconic works in the career

Famous clipmaker Alan Badoev, who celebrated his 38th birthday, in an exclusive interview told about the most iconic works in the career, but than he managed to surprise Pugachev, as suggested by Carol to undress completely, and Loboda become fat.

– Alan, what are the top five of their clips, after which your life is radically changed. I understand that at the moment they have about five hundred (!), but still. Only one condition – the clips of the artists you produce for yourself, can not be taken.

– I got the assignment, I will try (smiling). The first turn in my life happened after clip of Irina Bilyk “Snow”. This is a video I did like spacey. As this was my third clip in your life, and the first one that I shot exclusively like I wanted. Because the first two I copied more of other Directors to show customers that I do something to know how to shoot. But for Bilyk I wanted to show off your style, however, what it is, I at that time had not yet been invented (laughs). Imagine in front of you – favorite singer, idol. And you’re trusted to shoot the video for her song. Moreover, the song pierces you to the core and displays all of what you feel at that moment. I don’t understand all that I was doing back then on the Playground, because it is very worried not to manage or not manage.

To clip over the two days I was sitting in the pavilion with artists and worked on the scenery because I was all the time something did not suit. I painted, cut, screamed, cried. And when the day came for filming, I was somewhere in another dimension and did everything for fierce a whim. Since the command “action!” and until the end of the shoot, I never sat down and never exhaled. It’s been a crazy stress. However, I was incredibly happy. To madness. Ira – so cosmic person. For me then was to remove Bilyk – what kind of offer to work with Madonna now. It Bilyk brought me Ukrainian artists on a Golden plate. After that, I would reshoot, probably, of all our artists, who, of course, was enough for me (laughs).

– Next clip…

The second powerful turn in my life happened after the release of the video of “VIA gra” for the song “LML”. At that time I was already quite the popular Director and I had a lot of work, but mostly with Ukrainian singers. And here I am, Kostya Meladze, who liked my music video “Taboo” for the group “Alibi”, and invited me to shoot for “VIA gra” video. Of course, the “VIA Gra” already then I really liked it. At that time the band was at the peak of its popularity. And here we are with the Bones was found at the airport before my trip to Cannes (where I submitted my first film Orange Love). He gave me the CD with our song, which, actually, and had to make a video. Now imagine: in the morning, I sit on the terrace in Cannes, where the ground floor of my hotel having Breakfast Gwyneth Paltrow. I remember my thoughts: “Here it is, life is good.”

And at this point I decided to listen to a song, which I gave him. And, of course, I didn’t expect that instead of the girlish voice, hear his low voice. But the song ripped me to shreds. I must say that Kostya sings amazing. Moreover, girls always sing a little worse than he is. It is absolutely magical voice Dzhigarkhanyan, and so he knows exactly how to sing his song, sometimes I think that the team plays to his talent of singing. Whilst in Cannes, I already came up with the concept of the clip. I clearly understand that the girls need to fly to the meteorite towards the Earth to give their love to the inhabitants of our planet.

It was after this clip, my life has changed dramatically. If I haven’t been home, and I was transported from one pavilion to another, after “LML” I already started calling from all over the CIS, and my schedule was planned for months in advance. When I first increased very much his fee. If I was worth $ 1,000, after “VIA gra”, this amount increased 10 times. I did it not because I didn’t have much money, I just didn’t know how to refuse artists, even the most favorite(smiles). Later I learned to say “No.”

– I know that your career was and the video for Alla Pugacheva.

Yeah and he’s single at the moment and the extreme in her work. And, of course, the burden of responsibility I felt. On the eve of Alla still said he wanted not just a clip, like a slice of my life. She wanted to dedicate this video to the song “Invitation to the sunset” that my daughter Kristine, and not a man. I remember this work because on the site there was a lot of magic. We shot on the eve of Catholic Christmas and for filming Christine even cancelled the meeting with his father, though it was her tradition. We shot for three days, and it was something incredible. Alla Borisovna loved this clip and she accepted it immediately. Although, when I brought her the first script, she put me on the floor in front of the small table and said, “I forgot to tell you a bit about my life, and it is important to clip”.

She I said, after I wrote a new outline, which she did again a bit tweaked, and we’ve got a story that eventually appear in the clip. Before shooting me some warned that Alla Borisovna can be cranky, abrupt, but nothing like this. We all came together from the beginning, from the first day when she arrived at the site. When she saw our Board with all the details of her images throughout the years of her career, she was a little shocked. “But you came prepared,” said Alla. I think after this she had no doubt in our thorough methods of work. It was very pleasant to work with and I hope it’s mutual.

The fourth turning point of the video was “the Night” for Tina Karol. I think this clip of comments in the media and the response of the audience, I think nobody has still not surpassed. Neither in my career nor in Tinney.

– Could not agree more, the video was very controversial…

– But originally the song itself was brilliant. When it was brought to me by the then producer of the singer Oleg Black, he said he sees Tina in apples, floating in a boat, maybe even in the fog and embroidery. I, of course, listened carefully, but was immediately told that this we will not do (laughs). Tina was already working for the gap and could not sleep for two days. At that time she was already so frail and exhausted, didn’t give herself a chance to relax.

“Night” I imagined in the form of her monologue, filled with insane loneliness. I wanted to explore the topic of search of mutual love and desire to be a strong personality that, in fact, then it happened in real life. And when I imagine it, I thought, how can we show that. And I immediately remembered the movie Blowup, Antonioni, where there is a scene in which the photographer literally strips the model of your camera. I suggested it to Tina, saying what I see. And it is very gentle, open, vulnerable. And we must pay tribute to the courage of Tina, although Black was strongly against this idea at all. I still think it is one of my best videos and one of the most touching of my work. The clip was shot very quickly, and Tina worked brilliantly.

Well, the fifth work I will provide a clip for Sveta Loboda “to Live easy”.

– OOO, this is where Svetlana is just huge?

Yes. This critical our work, although we do shoot, and our videos are often shocked media space. But this clip was a special mission. He was just after her very successful participation in the Eurovision song contest. When some ambitions came true when an internal machine to a halt. This was the stage when many artists burned, and have not returned. Examples among other participants of the Eurovision song contest is full, I mean even artists who stopped my life after this contest, even to win it (smiles).

The song we were looking for a year, ideas were plenty. Until one day, I came to the Light and said, “And let you do supertasty and show you exactly what you want to see your spiteful critics”. The light of this idea very much, however, she at that time still didn’t know how it would be difficult on set. And it was just hell! We only had five hours until the Light could be in that mask that was applied for another four hours. But at the end this video showed who’s actually Light. – a person who will always get through.

In General, I try to do work, which then changed the lives of artists. They seem to continue their story, and for me, as a Director, it is very valuable.

– Artists call you after some time and say at least thank you because thanks to your clip, their popularity has grown, perhaps at times?

– To be honest, in our profession we don’t really expect thanks. Because the less you expect, the more you get. I am so to that. But actually I was lucky, I work with many magnanimous and versatile artists who appreciate the work that my team do for them. And I must say that I’m subsidizes for further cooperation with them. I reason that if I don’t sleep for days, it means to somebody it is necessary.

– Reviewing most of your clips, I noticed that in the frame more often than other props, there is a bottle of alcohol or a glass.

– Interesting, never paid attention to it (laughs).

– So, what’s your relationship with alcohol? Was he ever the reason for the postponement of filming, for example?

Never. I have a great relationship with alcohol. I love to drink a good wine or a cocktail, but it is taboo. Filming in principle, there can be no alcohol. Enjoy a glass of champagne, we can symbolically and only after finishing the shooting process. I should always keep a hard focus, otherwise you will lose everything. Perhaps someone may be different, but this is not about me. If I drink at least a glass, to work with you I will never be forced for anything (smiles). As they say, all work and all play. Of course, sometimes I like to drink, to party, but only when it is appropriate.

– And under what circumstances was the last time?

– Yes here a few days ago. I bought a bottle of liquor, took the car and started to drive around friends, gathering them all together, so we discussed the upcoming party. Every setting in the car drinking with the throat, the liquor, and we have a little shout in the open window of the car and basically everything.

– And finally, Alan, admit it, what you dream of today?

– I have a dream 38-year-old man who doesn’t want to lose yourself. The temptation to stay in comfort, enjoying what you already have at the moment, very much. I can, in principle, nothing to do. I have left some trace in this life. But by staying, will I be happy? To 25 years of my life I never lived. I only worked. I didn’t even know that it was possible to do something besides work. I didn’t know even a single club and restaurant in Kiev, because I have not had time for them. At that time I had a child, and I did everything to create your family a comfortable living environment. In addition, I had a goal to become the number one in his native country. Therefore, up to 25 years in me for anything else not interested. And to 22 I am also no longer interested in except study. Yes, I’m still the nerd (laughs).

Only 27 years old, I realized that it is possible to live differently. This time when I tried almost everything to try man in your life. And only in 30 years, I finally became free. It was a moment when I realized that nothing anyone needs in this life. Finally I got rid of all those fears, which for many years was stalking me. It seemed to me that I’m not good enough, not worthy of something. But finally I realized that you can be yourself and be whole. And in 34 years I have had another purpose: I understand that it is important to emit a good. Because up to this time, I was very nervous, ready to walk over corpses to their goal. To be the first, I was very hard, and I was not interested in anything around. And only at the age of 38, I noticed how much all around wonderful.

– What today a priority for you?

Today for me it is not important that about me people will think and how they feel about meeting with me, they learn something valuable, and what feeling they have inside will cause after some time my name. My father once said an amazing thought: “don’t look at man, look how sad he grew, and grow they do. Perhaps in its place – scorched field.” Then these words I could not fully understand, but today I clearly understand. People we feel the wave. From person always remains the finish as the aroma of his perfume. At the moment I would really like to see everyone with whom I cross in my life, felt right in the wave that would he something helped. This is not missionary work. Just still we shake each other’s energy. So, I’m doing everything that I came right vibes. At least that’s what I aspire to.


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