Alain Shoptenko showed curvy figure in a swimsuit


The dancer shared the photos in a swimsuit.

Famous Ukrainian choreographer Alain Shoptenko, which is now resting with her husband at sea, fans spicy images, reports the with reference to TSN.

On his page in Instagram singer posted a series of photos posing in a black bathing suit and weightless robe.

On pictures Alena appears in a sensual way with her hair in a variety of sexy poses, showing off tanned slim figure.

“My personal all inclusive life hack # 3. To be photographed in a swimsuit at the end of vacation is still possible, but it is better to wear a robe”, — signed photo of the star.

However, in the comments of the fans said that without the robe of Shoptenko has a beautiful view.

“Alena, you gown and do not need!” “Wow, you look beautiful”, “Alena, you look like Aphrodite,” wrote in the comments podpischiki dancers.


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