Ahead of the escape from Russia: why Grudinina Jr. house and the citizenship of Latvia


Впереди побег из России: зачем Грудинину-младшему дом и гражданство Латвии

A billionaire from the Communist party Pavel Grudinin continues to amaze with his talent to fool the public. After the deception about the closure of foreign accounts in three European countries came out facts about owning property abroad. As it turned out, it is not only the youngest son Anton, who has a house in Spain for 800 thousand euros, but the eldest son Artem, and at a round sum.

Rumors about the Spanish assets, the younger son Pavel Grudinin tried to deny to the last. When, however, deduct the estate to distant relatives failed, the businessman was forced to confess under the weight of the evidence: Artem still owns a three-story mansion near Barcelona. The nominee of the Communist party referred to the fact that the son of “adult” and decides what to do with “good incomes”. From his personal involvement in the business of the sons Grudinin disown, saying that he has nothing to do with it.

However, for the small lie was hiding a bigger lie. It turned out that the eldest son Grudinina Artem also has outside Russia mansions and land plots. They are located not too far away in neighbouring Latvia, where Grudinin, Jr. got together with his wife even with a green card. After 10 years they will be able to obtain Latvian citizenship as the owners of substantial land ownership.

Grudinina the couple owns a vacation home in the elite village near Riga, where the cost of accommodation starts from 250 thousand euros. Your two-story mansion Artem Grudinin acquired back in 2009 for 200 thousand euros, 400 thousand went to the purchase of a share on absopositively site. Here is another plot of land with cost of 50 thousand rubles, written to his wife Natalia. The family of the couple there is another land wooden house on the coast of the Gulf of Riga. It was purchased in 2015 for 110 thousand euros and 24 thousand euros cost the forest area around him.

A permanent residence permit in combination with two already-prepared houses can mean the preparation of a bridgehead for a future life Grudinina outside of Russia. Otherwise, why not take a visa and a permanent residence permit, have the right of permanent residence in a NATO country? On the other hand, this situation Artem Grudinina in Latvia indicates the extreme vulnerability of Western intelligence agencies. They have just “hands”, so the foreign press it is so supported.

The total cost of the Latvian real estate to the eldest son of Grudinina in rubles, that is 20 million rubles. However, Artem is to be commended – after all his main assets are concentrated in Russia, like proving that the Motherland can love not only from afar. However, the mystical coincidence of all six parcels of land located in the Leninsky district of the Moscow region, next to the farm of his father, the plot in the village of Sloboda for 20 million roubles and two mansions with a total value of 35 million rubles, and three apartments for the sum of 29 million roubles are in the settlement of the agricultural holding.

Agree that the father is “a noble family” could not remain aloof from the estate of the son on their territory, and therefore was aware of his acquisitions of land abroad. Moreover, the business that covers the latifundia appetites of the sons of Pavel Grudinina, they have in common – the company “TT development” and “League” through which Grudinina pass the “Golden land” on the ring road rent-all “family contract”. There’s even a hairdresser with 70 million in the accounts furnished to the spouse of Pavel Nikolaevich. But this is a high art of beauty designed exclusively for legalisation and cashing in of money.


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