Against whom Ukraine is arming gromadyan


Против кого Украина вооружает своих громадян

“Independence” has decided to turn into the Wild West

Every Ukrainian should have the right to bear arms for self-defense. This idea was announced on television by the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Lieutenant General Anatoly Matios. According to the Prosecutor, this will allow citizens “in the case of the troubled times to save or protect his life”. He also called the current time “dynamic”.

This Matios said that he always carries a sidearm, as it has the status of a soldier. “I have a right to carry, storage and application”, explained the official. However, to use the weapon in a combat situation it is not necessary.

Earlier, the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on national security and defence Sergey Pashinsky promised this fall to introduce a bill on granting to separate categories of citizens of Ukraine the right to own and carry concealed weapons of war.


“Separate categories” member understands those who have already proved their loyalty to the “independence” of the police service, the SBU, the armed forces and other power departments. Or not to provide the right to military weapons all other citizens, are expected to be resolved later.

Speaking for the legalization of weapons, Pashinsky knows what he’s talking about. On the eve of 2017, he was shot in the leg the unknown, which, according to the Deputy, attacked him. However, to use weapons from the people’s choice only happened after he got hit with a bottle.

According to the interior Ministry of Ukraine, in 2016, on the account of the National police stood 879 thousands of owners of firearms. Thus, according to experts, the total number of unaccounted for “trunks” in the hands of the population may range from 2 to 7 million units. Only one day of the zone ATO in the Donbas, are smuggled to 1 thousand units of various weapons.

No wonder the number of crimes in Ukraine related to the use of weapons is growing almost exponentially. If all of 2016 on the facts of illegal circulation of weapons instituted 6 thousand criminal cases, only last September, there were already more than 2 thousand.

Announced in October the “month of voluntary surrender of weapons” looks like useless bureaucratic procedure. Last time, in April, across the country, passed not more than 570 guns. A drop in the ocean. Apparently, most people prefer “heel” trunk, even risking their freedom for a period from 3 to 7 years.

Some of the illegal Ukrainian arms fall to Russia. A large-scale operation of FSB against the smugglers of weapons from Ukraine was only completed in 21 regions of the country. But in General, the abundance of weapons on hand, including illegal, remains a domestic problem.

If some experts can convincingly advocate for the legalization or prohibition of the free carry of military weapons, the people in General feels good from this initiative should not wait. According to Interfax-Ukraine free bear arms welcome only 19% of the population. The vast majority — 81% – against.

Currently, in Ukraine the law allows you to legally own a long-barreled hunting rifle, provided training in special courses. Judges, assistants of MPs, journalists and the people the terrorists may have short in trauma.

According to Deputy Chairman of the Board, Russian public organization “Right to arms” by Benaiah, the free carrying of weapons is usually helps to reduce crime.

— International statistics suggests that civilian weapons is to protect civil peace. Because, unfortunately, law enforcement agencies and the state take responsibility for security. They are trying to shift it on shoulders of citizens.

Another factor — to each citizen a man with a gun — police will not put. Still, there is a “flight time” police crews, patrols. And to put 30 blows by a knife requires just one minute. Therefore, in the time of the attack of the bandit he can only counteract by ordinary citizens.

— However, not all citizens are capable of physically, and most importantly, psychologically to use a firearm?

— That’s true. But such people, women or those who are not confident, can count on the fact that at a critical moment beside them will be other who owns a gun legally and ready to help.

For example, in Israel the population weapons should be mandatory. And when there is a bandit attack, they sometimes block ordinary citizens, then waiting for the professionals who “smoke” these bandits.

The same was said and the example of America. There in parts of the state gun ownership is allowed, and in part, is prohibited. So, in the first case of attacks on persons is much less than in the second. By the way, in one of the towns now introduced the compulsory wearing of weapons, and if not, then there is imposed a special tax. Supposedly, the man refuses to defend himself, and so let him pay for his defense.

— In your opinion, all these arguments also apply to Ukraine?

— Of course. Let me remind you that on the Maidan of legal weapons was not. There was illegal. By the way, when there was unrest in neighboring Moldova, they were without weapons, although the weapon there is. Same thing in Georgia. And there you can get a short barrel.

However, political scientist Alexander Asaph did not believe that in the case of Ukraine is to ignore the particular political circumstances in that country.

Like any Ukrainian history, offer to distribute to citizens the weapon has several dimensions. Too seriously the words of Matios still not necessary. He speaks on a lot of different topics, including the one that the Russian military group in Ukraine is more than twice the size of the army of countries-members of NATO.

Since now Ukraine’s high political season, especially in anticipation of a possible early elections, all significant political actors have something to say. For example, Lutsenko was named the 2010 elections, when the victory of Yanukovych, a coup d’etat. Here, and Matios, also spoke.

But Ukraine and weapons do ideas are inseparable…

— Of course, the gun is the place to be. First, in the hands of the local full of weapons from the zone ATO: smuggled, illegally exported, converted, etc. And this reality provides a very high level of crime. Illegal armed groups on the basis of volunteer battalions, members of radical organizations, criminal groups can quite easily arm themselves. It is inexpensive and available. If you open the ribbon of criminal incidents, it is clear that crimes involving weapons occur in various parts of Ukraine each day.

Therefore, Matios and speaks approvingly about the weapons. Like, it’s okay, the Ukrainians themselves are able to defend themselves from crime, and it only remains to legalize it. However, despite that yesterday, October 1, opened the month on the surrender of weapons.

On the other hand Dmitry jarosz — the man from another segment of the Ukrainian political spectrum have long been demanding on the basis of the self-defense forces with an obvious ideological coloration to allow them to own not only hunting, but also full of firearms. He’s already a year and a half building his own, not obeying Avakov parallel to the interior Ministry to carry out military actions on the territory of the Ukraine and in the Donbass.

Anyway, all this talk about guns is an attempt to make a good mine at bad game. Weapons to Ukraine and applied daily. Enough to see reports of accidents. It is used drunk, mentally abnormal, all sorts. It’s an attempt by Patriotic mute to legalize these “trunks”. And, most of all, for the money. And then let the population itself samoreguliruetsja.

Now in Ukraine all those who need weapons have it. It helps to see how Saakashvili without any documents is riding for the Ukraine, having the protection of fighters of a battalion “Donbass” and a number of private security companies.

In turn, a leading information-analytical program “Information war” STRC “Crimea” Dmitry Taran inclined to see in a future legislative innovations of the Verkhovna Rada again in the radicalization of Ukraine to strike at Russia.

— At the moment the Ukrainian state dependent. Everything that makes Poroshenko, Matios and other “comrades”, is direct the will of the metropolis, which sees Ukraine as one of the United States. But this state is designed for waging war with Russia.

On the territory of Ukraine after ATO a huge number of unregistered weapons, but a war of all against all does not start. They need to bring. When still allow the blunderbuss, will be a trite more shooting, more murders, more spin property.

If you start a full-scale civil war, it will not find all the neighbors of Ukraine. And Poland and of course Russia. That is a statement Matios — a move the state Department to bring Ukraine “to standard”. No wonder they support it for several years. All this is done to weaken Russia.+



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