After Shevchenko of the composition of the HRC was released Posner


Вслед за Шевченко из состава СПЧ вышел Познер

TV presenter Vladimir Pozner made the decision to leave the Council on human rights (HRC) under the President of Russia. Earlier it was reported that the composition of the HRC came journalist Maxim Shevchenko.

“I finally realized that, to my deep regret, the HRC is not an independent organization (obviously, since he’s “the presidential”), but it has no real effect and is purely decorative in nature,” wrote Posner in Instagram, commenting on his decision.

“Obviously, Maxim Shevchenko suffered the same disappointment as his time is upon me. But he said in a loud voice that I feel sincere respect,” said the presenter, noting, however, that he came from the HRC “not as Maxim Shevchenko, without slamming the door and declarations”.

We will remind, Maxim Shevchenko announced his intention to leave the HRC live “echo of Moscow”. He believes that “public mass arrests, brutal beatings by unidentified armed groups in the center of the Russian capital citizens require a public resonance meetings with the involvement of security forces, journalists, and also representatives of most of these so-called Cossacks.” His statement about the necessity of such discussion was, according to Shevchenko, “ignored” HRC.

“We are surprised to learn that in Moscow there are some villages and hamlets, which are these armed men in uniform. Never before in Moscow there was no Cossacks. The Cossacks were the don, Kuban, Terek, and Siberia, the Yaik. Central Russia — Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities and villages in Central Russia, never knew any of the Cossacks. That is, we are dealing with the reactionary fascist militants”, — quotes opinion Shevchenko expressed in the broadcast RTVI.

The reason for the scandal was the presence of uncoordinated action on may 5 in Moscow of people with whips in clothes of Cossacks, who were seen in physical confrontations with the protesters.


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