After Putin’s power can only get Putin


После Путина власть может получить только Путин

The main function of Ramzan Kadyrov said aloud what they all think. Once it was done Zhirinovsky, but faded.

The proposal to amend the Constitution to empower the President transrockies powers – it is in the air, just there are things to say why something is considered indecent.
Show completely… And in my opinion, down with hypocrisy. A serious topic. It is necessary to proceed not from the oughts and Givens. The reality is that there is nobody to replace Putin and raise in six years, the successor to the impossible: technically it is easy to make and for the year as shown by the case of Vladimir Putin in 1999, but the ideological do not get any.

Vladimir Putin-1999 answered the request of a country: she was the leader of a young, healthy (especially after Yeltsin), energetic, in General a fundamentally new – because the country was radically updated, and only began to obviates in a new status. The country was tired of the uncertainty and unpredictability – but there were prospects, and international relations, and the willingness to work and grow. Hence the enthusiasm that met Putin. But the Russia of today is a completely different country.

Today’s Russia is so degraded by years of stagnation, so dumb by the incessant bans is so controlled at all levels by intelligence agencies and their agents that no new leader she wants; she just can’t see him as the old man did not survive the marathon with all the undisputed benefits of running. Today we’d like something cozy, former, Brezhnev; note that Beria had very serious ambitions for power and relatively young, were removed by loyal Stalinists immediately. And the government has received deep item first Malenkov, and then at least the usual Khrushchev.

After Putin’s power can only get Putin – whatever his name was; chick nests, the people from the clan. The country does not need to be updated, doesn’t want it, didn’t think of it – she has one slogan: only not worse. Country-1999 was a man of about forty, survived much, but are willing to benefit from these changes. Today’s country has changed gender, and age: it is now a pensioner, praying for the person who gives her ten thousand a month, that is not selected and this. What it there’s a new leader, what revolution? Comforting in this situation, only the fact that Vladimir Putin, at least 72 years old in 2024, still not the worst option. Much better than Kadyrov.


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