According to statistics from the HSE, the lives of Russians will increase after the increase in retirement age


Согласно статистике ВШЭ, жизнь россиян увеличится после повышения пенсионного возраста

It seems that television propagandists are unable to convince the Russians that the increase in the retirement age for them is only good. To help the authorities launched a “research” school of Economics (Higher school of Economics). By their calculations, sales experts reinforce propaganda nonsense. According to sales statistics from the HSE the lives of Russians will increase after the increase in retirement age

The longer you sit without a pension – the more you live

How well do you know bent without the normal salaries of scientists and teachers, increasing the retirement age is extremely positive effect on health. And if before according to statistics, Russians lived after retirement measly 5-8 years, but now this figure increased at least twice!

Yes, recent HSE research has shown that after a desperate labors in the sweat of men after 65 years, it turns out, we will have to live at least 14.5 years, and women after 63 – 23. Occupational therapy works wonders! A wretched Russian medicine, a lousy environment, the workload in the elderly – can not take it into account!

The award has found the heroes!

Thus, the medal for incompetence and political prostitution again out anti-national experts from the HSE. They were able to bring statistics to the statistics of developed countries. It is no accident, Medvedev explained to us that in the West the retirement age is long raised, but because we need the West to overtake.

We are waiting for scientific studies from the HSE, that pittance of a salary gives an incredible opportunity for a happy and long life of Russians.


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