According to rumors, the star of “House-2” Gleb Zhemchugova new novel



Participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Gleb Zhemchugov recently broke up with Olga the Wind, which left the show along with their young son and lives in a rented apartment. The man, known for his loving, did not follow her and stayed on the project.


Hleb hard experienced a breakup with a lover and son. Every day he begged Olga to come back to him, but the young mother remained adamant. Apparently her patience came to an end, and she decided not to live with a man who constantly lied to her.


Recently, another star of the project Marina Afrikantov said that Pearls have already forgotten about the drama in his personal life and started to take care of 20-year-old participant of “House-2” Elizabeth Polygalova, which is now in the Seychelles.


“Gleb’s such a funny Cossack. Caring for Polygalova that on the Islands, and shines like the sun. Going with her to participate in the competition “Wedding in a million” and fly to the Islands. Is the Wind not reconciled, and what do you think?” — wrote Afrikantov under the joint with Gleb (the Spelling and punctuation here and further more. — Approx. ed.).



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Members of the Marina found the behavior unacceptable Zhemchugova and criticized him, reproaching that he is an irresponsible father and a frivolous man. “Suffered long. A day later and have forgotten everything. No matter how much he tears and promised not to flirt with girls-the essence still can not hide”, “What’s so funny, when families crumble, and the children remain without a father” “He is just such and fit, she deserves better,” wrote the indignant fans.



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