According to Freud: trump made an important caveat on the supply of weapons to Ukraine


По Фрейду: Трамп допустил важную оговорку по поставкам оружия на Украину

In an interview to Ukrainian media, the political scientist Konstantin Bondarenko told about important conditions, which depend on the supply of lethal weapons from the U.S. to Ukraine. According to experts, the United States can really give Kiev the weapons, but Washington is not going to do it for free.

“If earlier it was only about the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine, last week trump whether Freudian, or knowing what he said, said: “We are allowed to sell weapons Ukraine”, — said Bondarenko, adding that the speech of the American leader on the supply gave way to statements about the sale that much difference.

The analyst also noted that Donald trump “life traded illiquid.” To confirm his words he cited the situation with Poland. Former US President Barack Obama has long tried to negotiate with the Polish side to the relatively free placement of ABM systems on the territory of this European country. Warsaw was deliberately delayed addressing this issue, refused and expressed their extreme inaccessibility, as I wanted to set myself up for a possible strike from Russia. However, Donald trump was able to approach the Polish government, and during his visit to Poland was to appease the leadership of the eulogies to the “coolest country in Eastern Europe.” Immediately after that, Warsaw is not only allowed to place an American missile defense, but paid for every one of the units for $ 8 billion. A similar situation happened with Romania.


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