Accident of An-148: my version


Many of maxparams of the old-timers know that I graduated from the aviation school, and worked for several years in Aeroflot.

I have repeatedly expressed my opinion about the various plane crashes, and based on the received and Aeroflot experience and knowing the “backstage” kitchen domestic aviation.

For example, I first said that the crash of the Russian passenger aircraft is a terrorist act. Then the moderators Maksparka did not agree with my statement, replacing the statement in the title of my article to question…Катастрофа Ан-148: моя версия

I want to Express my opinion about the recent catastrophe of the An-148.

The fact that the allegations about what happened “icing sensors”, very close to the truth, but the plane crashed not necessarily exactly for this reason – here it is, most likely, in the other.

The fact is that during difficult weather conditions when there is a real possibility of icing of the fuselage of the aircraft, should be required to use a special fluid, type “Arctic”, which is processed in the entire surface of the aircraft.

This fluid is very expensive. It in Soviet times, almost under pain of death, were forbidden to freely use, and were allowed to use only in the most extreme cases.

Because of this, there were comical and tragic situation. I remember a case from my practice: the mechanics decided to handle the fuselage of the aircraft with hot water (save the Arctic).

This stupidity has cost them dearly, the water immediately cooled down and froze. The plane was unfit to fly, had to cook another.

So, with the plane An-148 has happened something similar: either the aircraft was not processed by the “Arctic” before the flight, or treated instead with water, or not the whole area of the fuselage was processed by the “Arctic»…

As a result, during takeoff has occurred the point is not “sensors”, and mechanisms related to the management of the aircraft, which led to its collapse.

The probability that this is indirectly confirmed by the fact that private airlines in the pursuit of profit, try to save on everything on what only it is possible…

These are the things…


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