Above Ground raced huge asteroid


Над Землей промчался огромный астероидScientists noticed a celestial body is too late.

The asteroid in 2018 GE3 with a diameter of at least 47 meters flew close to our planet, and scientists have noticed a celestial body is too late.

After just 21 hours after the asteroid was observed in the laboratory in Arizona, it is closer to Earth at a distance of less than 200 thousand kilometers.

Asteroid flying near the planet at a speed of 106.5 thousand km/h at a distance which is two times less than the distance to the moon.

“If the 2018 GE3 hit the Earth, it would cause regional rather than global damage. Perhaps he would disintegrate in the atmosphere before reaching the ground. However, this is a significant asteroid, illustrating that even large space rocks can still surprise us. 2018 GE3 has been found in less than a day before convergence”, – underline astronomers.

Scientists estimate that the diameter of the asteroid in 2018 GE3 three to six times the size of the celestial body that exploded over Chelyabinsk in 2013. Then the result of falling of fragments of the asteroid that injured about 1, 5 thousand people, and many houses had broken Windows.

It is noted that NASA has a program to detect asteroids. However, the program scans in the first place asteroids 140 meters and more. NASA has estimated that the size of the 2018 GE3 are somewhere between 47 and 100 meters. That is, even at the highest estimate, GE8 2018 was less than could see the program to detect asteroids.


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