About the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO and artificial recorded tremors


Около Йеллоустонского супервулкана зафиксированы искусственные подземные толчки The source of seismic activity is unknown.

As world attention last week was focused on Syria, where the unfolding is really dramatic events, the subject of the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO, quietly retreated into the background, even for Americans living near this “a powder keg. However, there is happening something strange.

As they say the conspiracy theorists, again in the Caldera of the volcano is captured in the seismic signal of artificial origin, which was observed here, for example, 8 March and 8 April. Moreover, the signal this time is almost identical to that observed on 8 March.

The strange thing is this, write independent researchers, on 11 April, for example, during the day there were more than a hundred seismic shocks (according to official reports USGS) and all – at one point (!).

It is a narrow crosspiece of land between lake Yellowstone and its Park, a small pond Deluser. The impression that there is a strange equipment, clearly of artificial origin.

If to consider in more detail this plot of land is with Google maps, we see a desert place with the terrain, most likely, almost impassable. Who and what is boring if tests do not clear…


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