About the shameful elections and successes of cardboard


Про позорные выборы и успехи из картона


At the polling station where I voted today for the cat in the bag, it was just obscenely empty, and everything was made so that people spit on this disgraceful decision and went to the cottage, which clouds over the city dispersed carefully, spending a total 97.4 million of our rubles. The ballot consisted of twenty completely unknown names, a poster with the candidates hung in a dark corner and as soon as the voters tried timidly to find out who is who, ran up some important member of the electoral Commission and sternly shushed citizens to campaigning. Although yesterday I threw out a box of mountain prohibited campaigning for a United and some Russia.
Generally it’s time to move on to proven Soviet system, when the voter received the ballot with the right names and silently stuffed in the ballot box. The result of the vote will be absolutely the same, and a lot less hassle.
Took care of power and those who arrived in Moscow recently and the country has not yet started. For them just 741,9 million staged the day of the city of plastic, cardboard, and memories of past greatness. Today I finally saw an open after the restoration of the monument to Pushkin and at first was surprised, why is it that the great poet had suddenly become so green, and because bronze, I thought of a completely different color. But then I realized that Pushkin just turned green with anger, looking from the height of his pedestal on the design of Tver, which is the level of banality, idiocy and pretentious like movies, “Welcome” and even “the Kuban Cossacks”.
That part of the street that the area Eliseevsky why something was done in the style of the space and filled cardboard models of satellites, rockets, planets and other space objects. I all waited that here-here will be heard the cheerful song, “Tucked into the tablet space maps” in the words of the writer Vladimir Voinovich, but it never sounded. Obviously, someone has brought the author to the black list.
Just below the space theme models gradually gave way to aircraft, then the construction, automotive, railway, marine, Arctic, icebreaker, fish, etc., was even the theme of penguins. According to estimates, only some 360,2 million for holiday decorations, although probably more. However, for the grandeur and especially for penguin no money is not sorry.
And closer to the Telegraph went sport and art, but it’s the costs of organizational arrangements (229 million) and concerts (22.9 million). There are especially liked the lovely ladies of the theatre “if” posters “To Moscow” and “Moscow is Better than nothing in the world” to visitors of the villagers. Although such statements may belong and sobyaninskoy team, they Moscow, it seems, also liked – nice city, rich, can spend on pointless decorations as your heart desires, where else can you ride?!
Yes, I also remember the tank, for some reason, broke the wall of a village hut. The hut was a sham, though natural logs, but a real tank, but we have enough of that. Although the meaning of this song I did not catch, and many others, too. Why, for example, among this cardboard socialist realism suddenly appeared Suetin Suprematist figures? Anyway, who cares? Children? Children mostly like to drink, to write (but did not have toilets) and the home, and if adults, let them pay. Personally. But personally, I cardboard “worker and collective farm girl” on Tverskaya unnecessarily, I almost every day I pass by this.
However, is it important? Importantly, the anniversary turned out rich, one of today’s fireworks will cost 31.5 million Where there is dull Europe, which only can do is to invite to the feast some tenors with baritones and enjoy sad Opera arias. The longing! But to get the whole center is ridiculous, expensive and useless decorations, symbolizing the success that we have long gone – it’s our way.
By the way, about our money for this nonsense then there is a very interesting thesis. Like, on this occasion with all citizens took a total of 60 or something rubles. You what, sorry! Of course not! And on another Villa and yacht on stage mind? Not sorry. And on an aircraft carrier a thousand? Good. And… Yes, okay, guys, banks, we still no one asks.
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