About the Railways without the Mat


Про РЖД без мата

You know how hard it is to do when talking about Russian Railways without emotion, but I’ll try. Although it is difficult.

Friends! Keep that in mind. Our favorite Corporation came up with for dear Russians another zapodeanu. Yesterday, returning from Samara to Moscow, I have arrived at the wonderful Samara railway station almost an hour and could not understand why the scoreboard is not visible from my train. After half an hour I started something to suspect and went to deal with the administrator. It turns out that from August 1 Railways moved everywhere to use local time instead of Moscow. If you think that the schedule has not changed, and only specify the departure time on the ticket, it was tragically mistaken, as I and dozens of my frustrated fellow travelers, riding in the hall with children and belongings in search of the truth.

Now the train began to leave early to 1-2-3 and so on for the whole territory of Russia the Volga to Kamchatka, to congratulate you. I believe that tens of thousands of compatriots for almost a week dream to say a few kind words to the management of Russian Railways. I was asked to hand over your ticket for half price and buy for your money a new on the next train, which left only the expensive seats CD and increased comfort. Which I did, cursing my fate to be born in Russia, where all the reforms go through well-known place. However, I had extra money and the distance is small, and the plight of those who were returning from leave entire families from afar, and to the last penny?

It is clear that there is nothing to compensate them for no one is going. And Railways counts considerable profits, openly throwing a lot of people on good money selling to people for a second time malovodiane expensive places. I would like to know how much longer this unprecedented scale of the Scam and who will pay for it? I am sure that the sale of the football club Lokomotiv and second subhranil such damage is not to compensate, not to mention lost time and nerves. Judging by the reply I received from the Railways, they consider sufficient the ad on your site that need to print tickets purchased before 21/06/18. It seems that you need to file a class action lawsuit from all the victims.


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