About the game a jig when fishing for roach


When fishing for roach without insert the main element of equipment is the bait, and everything else matched it terms of catching and largely under the temperament of the fisherman, under his personality — without which, of course, like art, what looks fishing master.

And that is to counter the constant vagaries of winter roach was born a very effective jig, called “the nymph”, which the developer and the fishing technique alone is the author of these lines.

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To make it at home bait for fishing “game” is quite simple using minimal tools and materials. The fisherman, when he makes a jig, as if in advance is, under what already existing “working” nod bait need to “adjust”, then later he will be spared the laborious and not always successful work on adjusting all gear in General, so she eventually “caught”.

Thus, the “nymph” is done by applying a drop of solder with the soldering iron on the curved hammer and pre-tinned the shank hook with a ring, which is held with tweezers for prying off a tip up, with the forearm pressed against the flat platform of wood or Teflon.

Due to the surface tension forces the drop of molten solder spreads a little along the forearm of the hook and thus oblong-convex body is “nymph”.

“Nymph” after manufacture, it is desirable to cover resistant paint of black or dirty green. The hook will need to wear loose “shifty” on it a piece of insulation from the wires yellow or white. To prevent it from “falling” from the hook with a piece of black porous rubber bands or cut the insulation of a smaller diameter, passing through the barb of the hook.

In addition to “nymphs”, are more suitable for low water depths because of its small size and weight, many reservoirs medium and large roach caught on the famous bait “devil”. But unlike similar bogus for bream, “hell” for roach needs to be smaller and have a smaller ratio of the diameter of the body at the widest part to its length — no more than 1:4.

The body “hell” most often painted in black, green or brown. One of the hooks of “devil”, like jigs, also features a free “run” on it a plastic tube or a bead of white or yellow.

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However, on those waters, where the usual large roach, it is seen that it bite better when the bait hooks, no nothing — can be, thus “devil” less attracted to change.

Usually for catching roach at considerable depths used “locomotive” of the two “hell” that allows up to certain limits to reduce the size of each bait individually — it’s sometimes becomes a decisive argument for bad pecking roach, especially at the time of gluhozime.

But if this minimization is not quite helping, “Jack” at a distance of half a meter on the line put the sting up, black hook, sandwiched between two retaining bands. On the poddevom the hook or fly is wound with black thread thickening of the tails, or put a ball of foam rubber with a diameter of 2-3 mm.

Dual and posted on a scaffold bait is helpful in catching roaches and even for the reason that at the time of posting allows you to sh in a large body of water in which that fish has the ability to constantly “walk”.

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Fishing technique roach without a nozzle is quite complex and requires the angler a constant work of finding the most effective at the moment of the posting options, that is “play”, animation of the lure.

So this fish, in particular, is unresponsive to active play bait with a high frequency, which is necessary when fishing for small perch in shallow waters. But roach, even large ones, is also not rare at shallow depths, particularly closer to spring, but “perches” game with fast movement in the water column and jig it a little attractive.

For roach with her predatory “character” is more measured, rhythmic play of the lure with moderate frequency oscillations in the range of 60-180 strokes per minute. The speed at which the lure moves up slower than when fishing for perch, but faster than for bream.

Ultimately, the pace of the conduct of the bait is determined by the depth and strength of flow, the thickness of fishing line and weight of jig, and all of this is consistent with seasonal activity and size of fish in a particular pond.

During years of practice has developed that significantly change the dynamics of the gear and to provide rhythmic stability of the lure when fishing for roach and bream only allow long (up to 30 cm) nods from steel or a hard Mylar plate, in contrast to the short “sport” nods.

Under the weight of the bait, lowered to the bottom of a fishing spot, long the nod must not bend more than 30 degrees from the horizontal — only in this case the rhythmic variations of the nod will be well, without fail be allocated to the jig. When you need to make nod a little harder, then this can be achieved if you bend stronger album nod up, dragging it with force between the fingers.


When fishing without a nozzle wiring usually starts from the bottom of the jig with the smooth, rhythmic, with small amplitude of the lift oscillations on the meter and even higher. Roach — moving fish and can stand high enough.

At the end of the transaction, before lowering the bait down, it is useful for a moment to keep her in top position — in this moment is a lot of bites.

Another very effective technique throughout the winter and on the waters of a different type is the transaction bait without the game that is expressed only in its slow climb from the bottom up to the stop in their end position. Sometimes this can successfully catch large roach, which does not want to take “cheerful” plays a jig or “devil”.

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By the way, to thaw with the advent of meltwater roach on many reservoirs without current, and on river bays and backwaters often rises at half depth and at the same time actively biting, apparently, going to food suspended in the water column organisms, not bottom feed. Therefore, in this situation, you should check out a bait to the entire water column, gradually shortening the line.

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