About “Primate” need to be told


О "пневмате" надо сообщить

On Friday it became known about the desire of Regardie to prohibit in Russia the free circulation of air gun. At the briefing the Department told the chief of licensing of the Central Board of Regardie the General-the major of police Leonid Reference.

According to him, providing for a new procedure for amendments to the law on weapons already being developed by Regardie. “We intend to have turnover of airguns in a controlled manner,” said Reference, specifying what is meant by a mode close to the use of firearms.

It is planned that the air guns those interested will still be able to buy without a license, but will become mandatory its registration in the organs of Regardie.

According to Leonid Vedenov, today air guns are widely available. “It is even sold in souvenir shops that allows its owners to freely use it against people,” – said the representative of Regardie.

The General recalled two incidents that occurred in schools of Moscow and Moscow region in 2014 and current year. In both cases, the students with pneumatic guns came to educational institutions.

For refusing to register the “airguns” under the bill will be introduced administrative liability. In General, the registration will be voluntary, but there will be a time frame (presumably a year or two), after which in the absence of registration will be punished.

At the same time paintball and airsoft guns and other similar types of sports weapons amendment will not affect assured of Regardie.


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