About mass consciousness and “the party line”


О массовом сознании и "линии партии"

People in today’s Russia, unlike the Soviet era, almost no ironical (and critical) attitude to the Supreme power.

Fluctuations of mass consciousness, especially in the last few years, cannot fail to strike the imagination of anyone who keeps track of social processes in Russia.
Show more… Is, for example, the leader and his closest associates claim that they are Russian nationalists, as polls here show an increase in the number of those who consider nationalism a boon. As soon as those same leaders in 2014, with television screens suddenly remembered that we actually have the country has the glorious tradition of friendship of peoples, sociology immediately shows the growing popularity of the ideas of internationalism in the Russian society.

Looking at such amazing metamorphosis, it is impossible not to remember the old Soviet anecdote. The question in the questionnaire: “whether Hesitated at carrying out the party line?” Answer: “Only together with the line.” For this reason, of course, we can say that everything is back to normal, that modern Russian society is increasingly beginning to resemble the old Soviet. However, it seems to me that if this is so, then only partially.

We need to understand what mass consciousness is, in principle, amenable to suggestion. Those in power manipulated him always. Just if in primitive society were doing tribal chiefs and shamans, then later, during the emergence of the first States, it took the Supreme rulers and their priests. Since the twentieth century, with the advent of such tools for the dissemination of information and ideologies as radio and then television, their ability in this field has expanded incredibly.

The only antidote for the transformation of human society into a herd in the last two hundred years has been independent from the state media. But that they can arise and exist in the country should be independent from the government business that will Fund their activities. In modern Russia such a business, as we know, disappeared.

Our authoritarian political system characterized by extreme monopoly, as in politics and in the economy. In modern Russia there is no independent power of capital. About small business, which will soon become microscopic, do not say anything, because it’s too small value. We have him absolutely crushed the local authorities, which continuously continues the redeployment of its assets in its favor and for the benefit of her close big business.

However, in Russia and the largest capital (the notorious billionaire oligarchs) is completely controlled by the Supreme power. The Russian “left” this fact pleases me, though it might be joyful, even for the left (if they are in fact, not the title) — only God knows. However, there is just all clear. For traditional left-wing “government” means “socialist”. Of course, if they are even slightly versed in socialist theory, for example, the teachings of the classics of Marxism or of anarchism, no enthusiasm for the domination of the state in contemporary Russia they would not have experienced. In this case, they would know that the state is the apparatus of violence and repression of the people by the ruling class. And the ruling class of the current Russian Federation — those who are in the Kremlin. Well, and their affiliated oligarchs.

Although, by and large, in today’s Russia, even the term “ruling class” is something of an understatement. The concentration of power and property in the hands of a very narrow layer of people brought here to the fact that it would be better to speak of a “ruling group”. It was in her hands and the largest the state of and assets. A condition of tenure, loyalty to the Supreme power. Loyal — possess and enjoy all imaginable and unimaginable for the common man resources. No — go forest. Including, and just felling like Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Or figuratively, i.e., in the opposite of the “forest” towards the West, like Vladimir Gusinsky, Boris Berezovsky or the same founder of “Vkontakte” and “Telegram” Pavel Durov.

The loyalty of the Russian oligarchs implies such a thing as lack of the right to have independent of the will of the media. In turn, this leads to almost total domination “is the only correct point of view” with some of its variations. As we know all the main public and private TV channels were subordinate to the Central government in the early 2000-ies, and in the early 2010s, with the widespread use of Internet in the country, under the control of “state” and got a large part of the Russian segment of the Internet.

Thus, almost twenty years in Russia has almost total control over the state of mass consciousness in the country. However, unlike Soviet times, the people almost missing the ironical (and critical) attitude to the Supreme power, which took place in the late Soviet era, when there was a joke about fluctuations together with the “General line”. Why?

One monopoly is not explained. Of course, the presence in Russia of a small number of opposition publications, which Majesty allowed reasonable criticism of the Supreme power, confusing the Russian, in particular, and liberal citizen. This is because mass view (and in this case, not only Soviet, but also Western people) on the dictatorships of the past by which to measure and present authoritarian regimes, largely created by means of art of the countries of the victors of the Second world war. Mostly, of course, means “chief of the arts” — cinema, both Soviet and American. Because this idea about these dictatorships is somewhat exaggerated.

The demonization of the old fascist dictatorships were caused by the need to solve the problem not only in retrospect to denounce their former enemies in the last war, but also to cover those features in the States winners who have created a bond between them with the other. In this regard, the majority of citizens, both in the West and the East have been a somewhat distorted view of the fascist regime. I don’t mean to whitewash. But in the mass propaganda all as a rule were confined to concentration camps and wars, though real life in the same Nazi Germany and fascist Italy were a bit more varied.

For example, the majority of citizens, both in Russia and in the West still don’t know what the Third Reich almost a decade, openly came out in opposition to the newspaper Frankfurter Zeitung, allowing themselves a reasonable criticism of the Nazi regime and gave him a certain respectability. Similarly, few people know about the fact that in those days in Germany, the court periodically acted as independent Institute. For example, the Bulgarian Communist Georgi Dimitrov and his two accomplices were acquitted of the Leipzig court in the famous case of the Reichstag fire in 1933. Such things then convinced many Germans (and not only them), that Germany of the Third Reich supposedly quite civilized country.

Continued work in modern Russia several opposition (for the most part already converted to the Internet) publications, creates the illusion of diversity of opinion and the availability of an independent media, and thus, ultimately, plays on the strengthening of the existing regime.

Another reason why the Russians are so easily manipulated the authorities, is that we still have in Russia the Soviet type of man. By this term I mean the educated, but not internally self-sufficient citizen. This type was formed in the last two or three decades of Soviet power. He received a very good average education, his horizons thanks to this greatly expanded and, as was said in those times, increased his needs. The growth in the education and well-being of homo soveticus in the 60-80 years of XX century, led to the dissonance between this new person is very archaic and behind the time of the Soviet propaganda. The level of this face, primitive, rough-imposed propaganda (endless sticking out from everywhere slogans like: “We are building communism!” or “glory to the CPSU!”) just annoyed by the layman, as, however, and more in the USSR.

The emergence in the late 1980s and early 90s, freedom of expression, independent from state media caught the imagination of people. To some this seemed a breath of fresh air, but most — “freedom without borders”, which would not interfere with these boundaries delineate. That is what during the “dashing nineties” louder cried to the return of the “strong hand”, a good man who will come and “bring order”. In this sense, just is the most “Soviet” of the majority, and has become in today’s Russia, the true “party of order”.

This “Soviet” most people in Russia today, quite happy with the current monopoly in politics and media, and the current “pluralism” in the media seem to him the Acme of freedom. That is why the majority are so easily manipulated — it’s all pretty.


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