About “fattening” the Muscovites and “impoverished” Russia


О "жирующих" москвичах и "нищающей" России

Today is a holiday in rossiskih capital.

Quietly average salary overcame the iconic mark of 80 thousand rubles.

However, the capital city – not quite a national leader on this indicator.

The palm he gives here two raw regions – Yamalo-Nenets AO and Chukotka.

But #Moscow is the undisputed champion in a much more interesting national championship.

According to Rosstat, the Moscow average monthly nominal wage increased by 58% in comparison with 2013.

For comparison, inflation during this period was only 38%.

We can say, the current #crisis finally passed Muscovites.

The purchasing power of their labor income, not only restored, but is blocked with a vengeance.

A similar conclusion is true, with varying degrees of overlap – be fair to two tens subjects of the Federation.

For the rest, recorded in the best case, the stagnation of real average wages (and for Russia as a whole).

At worst, reducing their purchasing power by 15-20%.

But the latter is still a bit.

And differentiation <s>pants</s> wages.

In addition to Moscow in 16 regions, the average wages exceed the national average.

In others though they are few, but below.

О "жирующих" москвичах и "нищающей" России

In General, it is now clear to everyone in Russia who <s>profit</s> works effectively?


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