A young British terrorist had shared his terrible plans in court


Молодой британский террорист поделился страшными планами в суде The guy was arrested and the time now shows in court.

In the Magistrates ‘ court in London began a trial of 20-year-old terrorist Naemura Rahman, claiming to be the group “Islamic state”.

He is accused of preparing terrorist attack in London and the assassination of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa may.

During the meeting, the defendant stated that he wanted to blow up the gates to Downing street, to disarm police with pepper spray, then hiding behind one of the guards as a human shield, to penetrate into the residence of the Prime Minister and “off his head” Mei with a knife before he kills the guard.

The attack managed to prevent the MI5 agent who was working undercover, posing as ISIS recruiter. Of special forces gave the terrorist a fake explosive device, but he believed it real.

The court showed a video in which Rahman is talking with the agent. Prosecutor mark Heywood said that before the attack was only a few days when a terrorist was arrested. The attacker was arrested in November last year.


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