A young American committed suicide because of bullying classmates


Юная американка покончила с собой из-за травли одноклассниковThe doctors fought for the lives of the girls for two weeks.

Several weeks the doctors tried to save her after trying to commit suicide, but was forced to pull the plug on her life support.

In late October, Davis, as a fifth grader, got into a fight. One of the students recorded the events on video and then published in the popular application. The video shows a fight between two girls in front of a crowd of classmates.

According to the parents of Davis, she was faced with his offender and was terrified. The app was very popular in school, and students have been hounding pyatiklassnitsy.

Two weeks after the incident, the girl came home and tried to commit suicide. She was taken to the hospital. At this point, the parents of a schoolgirl trying to calculate the bullies.


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