A word to the forecasters of the collapse of Russia and perioperatively cattle


So how, pray tell, to pass such paintings oil: Arkady Babchenko for “Abrams” enters the Russian 20-year-old perevospitanii mission?

Пара слов предсказателям развала России и перевоспитывателям быдла

With some, I then read a little of modern journalism, as the one or the other. Here Babitsky on the topic Babchenko didn’t read at all, although the first is just technically on my side, and the picture, though Babitsky, but taken by me at Babeco. And read Babitsky will not, mainly in connection with his unclear past, never passing without a trace. And indeed, until recently, as you can see the name of one, confused it with another: Babitsky from Babchenko and Vice versa.

However, something in modern journalism in recent times attracted attention. Especially the abundance predictors of the imminent collapse of Russia, when the soothsayers, as in the case of Babchenko, is moved smoothly to the arrangement of future torn pieces bestringonline space.

Okay Babchenko, he whether in Israel, or in Ukraine and, it seems, hardly shows up, except on the “Abrams”, and that in some of its parallel reality, like Khodorkovsky, regularly instructing homegrown hipsters and their leaders. But then there is did nowhere want to pull out predictors from the full set of positions and ranks (though not yet bureaucratic): Valery Soloviev, Stepan Demura, etc., etc., for years predicting the collapse of Russia, and also cheerfully repainted Murid-Kalashnikovs, ashamed of their real names, but do not hesitate to shed the increasing flow of slop to the fact that yesterday was raised a shield.

In General, the predictor and perevospitat went jamb, so had to dig deeper into the topic to say a few words.

So, judging by the passions, the situation in and around Russia, at least superficially, looks quite good. Forecasters and periodically insist on reputable autumn 2017 as abroad (i.e., here), after which everything will change dramatically. To consider in detail the horror stories I will not, I note only that many are describing the situation solely in accordance with the classical Leninist formula: tops cannot, and bottoms do not want.

And if “can’t” and “don’t want” it’s pretty clear, also, by the way, as with “highs”, “lows” offer to practice, because here lies the most interesting.

What Babchenko his ilk do not “top”, clearly even the most honest of companies, as well as the fact that this whole joint is simply the vector in the direction, where just handing out positions and titles, but bureaucratic. That is, the jamb, though, and is not from the top, but not from the bottom for sure. He only wants to become the top.

It remains to determine Nizami, for there is no other possibility to understand what happens in this earthly reality, not in some kind of parallel.

Here is the same Babchenko says simply: “Column “Abrams” will be held in Tver and will focus on Manezhke. Grateful to the Russians, forgetting about Crimea, will throw liberators flowers and, lowering her eyes, asking for humanitarian stew…And then seeing eighty-six percent are approached, rubbing his stamped ass, thanks for the science, and tell. How is it you live here. And how we could improve Russia”.

Key, by the way, in all this murky hallucinogen are “eighty-six percent.”

Thus, it is necessary to recognize the important thing situation in Russia is characterized by a very different, far from Lenin, by the formula: tops and bottoms can and want, not only are few willing to become the top. That is, Babchenko clearly defines: the re-education shall be 86% of Russians. The figure, incidentally, is understandable, associated with supporting the President’s policies and what here to dissemble, the government of Russia. To argue here is simply meaningless, even if you really want, especially as the figure wanders in the entire journalism predictors and periodically, often mourn for the poor quality of “inherited” them people, often called simple and unpretentious – cattle.

A “cattle”, they’re 86% of the multinational people of Russia.

Then the other day got on the mailing list one samorazoblachayuschee staticfrom two years ago of a Hueviebin1, aka Pavel Gladkov (TOP 50 LJ, the author of the immortal “My youth I pissed away on ncbrowse party”) entitled “Danila Bagrov as a euphemism for Soviet cattle”.

Honestly, when had seen the census on the WC, at first I didn’t notice until this wordy masterpiece not upalne mail:


 Пара слов предсказателям развала России и перевоспитывателям быдла


which was immediately obvious and zashkalivalo unusually large number of comments.

Note: typically, the header specifies content, but not always, sometimes just provocation for the sake of attracting attention, and then it turns out that the fence is just a wood. In General, my attention is such a cheap way to get difficult, because cattle never believed and do not believe anyone in this world, especially shovels, perhaps because the scoop to the bone and I think Mausoleion experiment in the history of mankind, ahead of his time.

Moreover, if someone thinks the cattle, it is automatically consider themselves elite, and then just a few more attentive to “schitalsya” from the perspective of the doctor-patient, because there is a risk of progression to serious disease, also very contagious, transmitted by means of perception is filled with disease texts. About the mechanism of this transmission I wrote recently on the example of the work of Andrei Tarkovsky, so I will not repeat, just remind the main idea: the Soviet Union was censorship, protecting people from the virus painful unconscious insane creators. And so far, enough high-profile cases “monstrously talented”theatre practitioner K. Serebrennikov, who managed to throw out and implement on the Moscow stage his entire psicopatologia.

So, I decided to still look at the link from the mailing list, what is it such-of the kind that so excited readers? Is it really worthy of the attention of revelation, talented, profound and professional, and the suggestion of the editorial Board sauce “most interesting” worth a few minutes of non-renewable resource?

To be honest, expectations were met more than. The proposed text was extremely rich for analysis and conclusions about the author as a talented but deeply insecure personality, “prosirila” your talent for the needs of low taste preferences of their fans.

In General, this is a common problem of all so-called modern art, having nothing in common with the problem of the formation of high cultural and moral qualities.

The art consists of form and content, the balance of which is the criterion that defines the usefulness, uselessness or harmfulness of the creatures, and not on external criteria of popularity, recognition, fame, etc., even if the text is full of “belles lettres”. And, especially, not market convertibility. Unfortunately, in modern art in the first place by a wide margin came form, and what is more shocking, the more noticeable the author.

Comrade Hueviebin1, which I have no idea at all, was a person highly visible and popular. However, his above mentioned text is a brilliant example of a projection of the unconscious of the author, i.e. the inner world, filled with hatred for the people of Russia, entirely without conventional 86%, is attributable to cattle.

By the way, I don’t know and don’t want to know how to actually apply hueviebin1 in the hero of the film “Brother”, I know only one thing: Pavel Gladkov believes the Russians cattle, and nebydlo that brilliantly and convincingly demonstrates in his lyrics. Furthermore, the author prove the cultural superiority of the heroic American nation over the dense and vsepoddaneyshiy shovels bidascu, there is a primitive identity, the unconscious, which is filled with dangerous psihopatologicakih complexes.

Brief essence of the text:

– the American nation is essentially cultural and in its depth – heroic, as brought on a highly spiritual popular films glorifying the heroism.

– Russians is essentially trash, as they have one of the most popular films is “Brother” with the primitive, uneducated character that does not have a developed intellect, and who rely solely on brute force.

I want to meet popular publicist:

Your work is a good occasion to talk about your inner world. None of us knows how we handle ourselves in this or that extreme situation, no matter what we think about ourselves. Everyone has a complex internal structure is a vessel,filled his whole life different substances, both negative and positive, and everyone is free and entitled to make choices: what to wear in this world and which should be left in this world, what part of their inner world to demonstrate in his works. For the sake of experiment try to rewrite your text, pushing aside his inhibitions, hindering to live in this and not in a parallel reality, and arrange a completely opposite assessment.

I assure you, will be not less interesting, and most importantly: much more real. Namely:

Americans lives on a very limited, uneducated people, realizing their failed heroism only through Hollywood productions and comics, to compensate for their inferiority.

– Russian life, educated, good internationalists, living according to conscience. The hero of the film “Brother” is the dark side of the unconscious, which is any person on Earth who live at least in Russia, at least in the US, but at least in Zimbabwe. In Russian this side of the unfulfilled, and this caused the popularity of the film.

Summary in Your terminology: Americans in life behave like cattle with unrealized heroism, the life of Russian heroes with unrealized bidascu.

Applies to all joint predictors and periodicitatea multinational people of Russia.


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