A well-known researcher shared interesting insights about death


Известный исследователь поделился интересными выводами о смерти According to the scientist, the person chooses the duration of his life.

Some time ago the lights went out in new book scientist Robart Lanza titled “Biocentrism: how life and consciousness are the keys to understanding the nature of the Universe.” In his work, the man outlined his own vision of life processes in this world.

So, according to the reasoning Lanza, the man is able to choose how to live. Many people believe that death is the end of everything, while scientists are confident in the continued existence of the soul.

The book says that bad thoughts accordingly set up the body which ends up to function in the intended time. Thus, people can mentally program yourself to a long life.

Man will exist forever, if you understand that physical death is only a transition stage that will eventually end with the ability to constantly change the habitat.

As the arguments of his thoughts, the scientist led the postulates of quantum mechanics in which a particle can be at any point and relive countless variants of course of events.


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