A unique school in Australia, built in the middle of nature. Photo


This is a very unusual school.

Design Studio Hayball worked on the project secondary schools private international College Braemar. The modern building is located in a rural area of Australia, between mount Macedon, Hanging rock and waterfall Jim-Jim. A unique place for learning 540 students in grades 5-8 was the first step of a larger plan for the development of the campus high school to create an enabling space for education and social interaction, the structure of which corresponds to the rural context and at the same time takes into account the surrounding natural attractions, reports the Chronicle.info with reference for a Fresher.

Through training programs focused on agriculture, water conservation, environmental sustainability, climate and energy, the external environment is Central to the project. Here each learning space has a direct relationship with the exterior, oriented to the natural environment and protected from the harsh climatic conditions. The principles of health and well-being were the key to the design decisions of interior spaces with abundant natural light, access to views, providing quiet places for relaxing and centrally located accommodation for staff.


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