A Ukrainian sells rare truck US army


Украинец продает редкий грузовик армии США The price of the truck is quite low.

On the website autobazar.ua there was an announcement about the sale of a rare truck. It is about the legendary Studebaker M35.

As follows from the description, this car (there were two) came to Ukraine in 1990-ies in the framework of humanitarian assistance provided to our country States. The car was used as “packing”. Returning the truck was not needed, so it remained on Ukrainian territory.

Studebaker M35 is well known as the main army truck in the U.S. and many NATO countries as a whole. It was designed in 1944, and were in service for 40 years since 1950.

The engine and 7.4-liter diesel 127 HP loading Capacity M35 2.5 ton off road and 4.5 tons on the pavement. Mileage for sale truck is 500 thousand km. Asking for it 7 thousand dollars.

Украинец продает редкий грузовик армии США


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