A third of the population see Russia as a serious threat


Треть населения Земли видят в России серьезную угрозу

Russian influence was included in the list of fears of the population on the planet along with the “Islamic state”* and global climate change, compiled by the Pew Research Center.

The results of the study were published on the website of the American research center. The questions were related to ISIS, climate change, hacker attacks, fall of the world economy, refugees from Syria and Iraq, as well as the power and influence of the United States, China and Russia.

Residents of 38 States considered the main threats of ISIS and climate change. The influence of the US, Russia and China raises concerns about a third of survey participants. The power and influence of the United States concerned about 35%, Russia and China with 31%.

Although the greatest threat to Russian influence is not statistically became in any country in Europe or North America, particularly strong fears associated with Russia, in Poland, there is this fear of 65% of respondents – 1% more than even IG*.

Nothing good from Russia do not expect 49% in Jordan, 47% in the US, same in Spain, 46% in South Korea, 45% in France, 43% in the UK and Japan, 39% in Kenya.

In Russia the power and influence of the United States concerned 37% of respondents, and the influence of China – 19%. The question of Russia’s influence in Russia was not asked.

47% of the USA consider Russia a serious threat, but it depends on the political beliefs of Americans. 61% of Democrats say that the power and influence of Russia is a serious threat, among Republicans those are only 36%. On average in Europe, the Russian Federation as a serious threat to consider 41%.

American influence in Europe fear 31%, in Spain this fear more – 59%. In six European countries and in Canada, the fear of American influence showed growth in 2016.

In 10 countries of Europe and also in USA, Canada and Russia, the majority called it a serious threat to IG*. His fear of 74% in Europe and the United States. A special concern of IG* causes of the French (88%), Italians (85%) and Russians (58%).

Global climate change is a serious concern, especially in Spain (89%), Sweden (64%) and Canada (60%), where this fear is most prevalent. If the average for Europe are afraid of this 64%, the US is only 56%. Most afraid of climate change in Latin America, 86% in Chile, 76% in Argentina. The study was based on interviews with 41 953 respondents, conducted in all continents from February 16 to may 8, 2017.

The survey showed the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM), the fears of Russians connected with rising prices and military conflicts.

Often potential aggressors, the Russians call the USA (50%) and the terrorist group al-Qaida* (32%).



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