A successful launch of the Falcon Heavy, the company Elon musk threatens Russia with loss of market


Успешный запуск ракеты Falcon Heavy компании Илона Маска грозит России потерей рынка

Rocket, the Falcon Heavy, launched an aerospace company SpaceX Elon musk, at the moment is the lifting: it can get into low earth orbit 64 tons of cargo to Mars – 17 tons to Pluto 3.5 tonnes. Prior to its launch the most powerful rocket was an American Delta IV Heavy, deducing 28 tons into orbit.

However, our country has launched more than lifting a super-heavy launch vehicles, such as “Energy”, but its production was discontinued.

As for the cost of the rocket, the Falcon Heavy, in the end, it wasn’t as low as expected. As recognized by Elon Musk at a press conference after the successful launch, the development of heavy missiles cost his company approximately $ 500 million.

However, the cost of the rocket is estimated at about 100 million, and thus, a kilogram delivered to orbit cargo has a low cost – $ 1,500 theoretically half the current rates.

This means that the launched rocket several times reduces the cost of space flight, gives a new impetus to the development of private space companies, but adversely may affect Russian space program.

It threatens the loss of Russian market of commercial launches
Very bad news for the “Roscosmos”

Almost all experts agree that the creation and successful launch this heavy missile is a quantum leap in the exploration of space, achieved through a radical reformation of the traditional space of production.

“It’s a huge success because the creation of such a super – heavy launch is not a quantitative step, and quality. Most of all I am in this team it affects the pace at which they develop, their skills and the technologies they use, they allow you to do everything very fast, fast to upgrade. The pace of change is unattainable for traditional space industries of Russia and the USA, and China,” – said RIA “Novosti” correspondent member of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics Andrei Ionin.

According to him, the traditional space industry, prevailing during Korolev and von Braun, was based on two pillars: cooperation of very large and unique technical solutions for each outer product. At the dawn of cosmonautics a lot of tasks can be solved at the same company. “Every emerging technical or manufacturing problem has created a new company, brought a new institution,” – said the expert.

In addition, in the 50-60-ies of the last century in space technology were presented, such requirements that are not required for “earth” technology, and industrial base was not prepared to implement them. All components for missiles and spacecraft were made in very small quantities, in fact the piece that led to a significant rise in the cost of products.

“Mask look, look, in the early 2000s and said, in fact, technology over these 50 years has leaped forward, and I will myself to do many things that made the cooperation, plus now in civilian, land-based industries a lot of what you already use, no need to make it especially unique,” said Jonas, adding that for the same production model need to go all space-faring Nations.

Leading scientific researcher, space research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences Natan Eismont also called the launch of the Falcon Heavy is a serious achievement.

“This is really a great success, which means that Americans now have the opportunity to resume flights to the moon. It can be said with certainty. The characteristics of the Falcon Heavy, of course, is not quite in line with what was achieved by the Americans in their operations with manned flights to the moon, but it’s still a success. And here it is necessary to measure cost and cost in this case approximately at the level of our “Proton”, which is about $ 90 million. While earlier the whole program missions to the moon cost about $ 20 billion. Of course, the price of the media is not the cost of the program, but it’s still a great achievement,” said Eismont.

“It is worth noting that the success of the Falcon was not quite absolute. Because the return of one of the blocks – the Central upper stage – has been unsuccessful. But still even with this achievement very significant. And return (boosters) can now be seen as a complementary bonus. If you compare, for example, with “Saturn 5″ (American rocket that was used to implement the manned moon landing and the preparations for the Apollo program), then there is no return at all was not supposed to. In General, this means that the Americans plan for the resumption of the lunar program is close to implementation”, – the expert believes.

It threatens the loss of Russian market of commercial launches

Analysts argue that SpaceX is already out in the world market leader in commercial launches, intercepting orders at older players, especially of Roskosmos and the French Arianespace. The fact that the more missiles it launches, the cheaper. And just last year, SpaceX conducted 10 launches, and they were all successful. Consequently, the more competitive you become the media.

If in 2013 the share of SpaceX in the space market was about 10%, whereas Russia was 60%, and the EU – 20% in 2017, its share has reached 45% (the EU was 40%, and in Russia – only 15%). In the next Elon musk plans to bring the company’s share in the global market of commercial launches to 60% in 2018. This means that Russia can remain less than 10%.

“This is a very serious technological and political challenge. Musk demonstrates the success of their space projects. The American government, particularly the military, is pouring huge amounts of money in SpaceX. It is obvious that the US plans to create a powerful orbital constellation, which can be further used for military purposes,” said Ura.ru chief editor of the magazine “national defense”, a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Korotchenko.

According to him, today Russia is in dire need of national space program: “we Have the potential, there are experts all this it is necessary to use. But at the same time need the strictest control over the expenditure of funds allocated for the development of space. And what we see on the Eastern spaceport steal billions. It must be fought Beria’s methods – and take plant packs for life”.

Vice-President of the Russian cosmonautics Federation Oleg Mukhin, saying that the commercial space market every year will become more competitive, notes that “Russia is impossible to throw out from this market only because of the powerful Soviet reserve”. However, according to him, if you stand on the spot, “that will inevitably overtake”.

The Deputy of the state Duma, member of Committee on defense Pavel Dorokhin said that it is alarming the dynamics of the development of “Roscosmos”. “We understand if something goes wrong. Look what is happening: Mask is already breathing down our necks. We have repeatedly appealed to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin with the requirement to strengthen the work in this direction. In their turn, are ready to render any assistance. On February 21 we will hear it also prepared us for Rogozin many questions”, – said the Deputy.



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