A strange creature in the Austrian cave filmed


Странное существо в австрийской пещере сняли на видео Unknown animal was climbing up the cave wall.

The speleo-tourists who travelled recently in the so-called Ancient cave, located on the territory of the Austrian Hallstatt community, told the online community about the mysterious observation that took place there.

According to puzzled witnesses that happened to them is somewhat reminiscent of the British horror movie “the Descent” about a group of women trapped in caves, inhabited by bloodthirsty humanoid monsters. Fortunately, in reality, they escaped with only slight shock mixed with surprise.

Travelers tell that he had noticed in the cave a strange creature. Include the following video, you can see it at around 3:23. Pale, thin figure with four limbs was obviously crawling on the wall of the cave, paying no attention to the people!

Unfortunately, from this angle, and even in the dark, it is very difficult to determine even the size of the alleged monster, not to mention all the rest. According to skeptics, it was probably some kind of frog, but the witnesses claim that the creature was not less than human: a man is known to easily determine the size of objects at a distance.

Our heroes are sure that in the darkness of the local caves for millions of years living and evolyutsioniruet not known creatures, some similar to humans. It is curious that in recording you can hear the operator when this pattern first asks, not a Ghost.

Anyway, the material is seriously interested in many cryptozoologists from all over the world. Specialists carefully studied the mysterious footage found that they in fact can be captured by something beyond the world we, for example, still unknown to the science animal, some of the cryptids, cave humanoid from a parallel reality, or God knows what else.

In any case, Ancient cave after this video became viral on the Internet, can become an attractive location for independent researchers of mysterious animals and anomalous phenomena, as, indeed, for fans of any paranormally…


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