A simple flexible smartphone Xiaomi


In February of this year the company Xiaomi has shown a prototype of its own flexible smartphone, is able to curl as much in two places. This is two times more than the Samsung Fold, and besides, this phone will be almost half the price. Fold price approaching $2000, and the price of Huawei Mate X to another flexible smartphone, has successfully overcome this barrier.

That before the creation Xiaomi, its price, according to the latest data, would amount to exactly $1000, meaning it will be even cheaper than current IPhones, and that’s encouraging. Of course, the cell phone is no release date, no title, but Xiaomi need to believe – who-who, and she definitely knows how to make cheap mobile phones, in no way inferior to main competitors.

According to recent rumors, the release of a flexible phone Xiaomi will take place this summer, and its composition will be found the Qualcomm 855, supplemented with 8 or 10 GB RAM. It will be controlled by specially modified version of the firmware MIUI, which will be scaled in a flexible display with a diagonal of 6.5 and 10 inches with a resolution Quad HD+. Display here, by the way, OLED Visionbox, but about a system of flexible hinges of the case is unknown.


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