A series of fires in Rostov: who benefits from the burning hotels, markets and the private sector


Череда пожаров в Ростове: кому выгодны поджоги гостиниц, рынков и частного сектора

Late in the evening of 8 October in Rostov lit major clothing wholesale market, “East”, better known as Temernik. The fire area has made 6 thousand square meters affected and there were no casualties.

The first reports about the fire began to come at 9 PM, witnesses reported smoke inside the trade pavilion. People at this time in the market was not, therefore, to evacuate anyone in need.

In less than an hour the fire spread to the shopping malls, the fire area has increased to 5 thousand sq. m, to midnight to 6 thousand sq. m. the Fire got higher for the city the fourth grade of difficulty. In the market imposed a state of emergency, in fire suppression participated more than 400 firefighters and 50 pieces of equipment. To the place of emergency there arrived the Governor of Rostov region Vasiliy Golubev and the head of Rostov Vitaly Kushnarev.

About two o’clock in the morning fire managed to be localized, and at 8 a.m. the MOE reported that the area of the market completely extinguished.

The hostess of one of trading pavilions Temernika told TASS, that the loss by fire estimated seven-figure sum: “I Have the goods burned, probably in a million. Don’t know what happened here. I got a call, said the market is on fire. To make are just a bit”.

In the social networks of residents have put forward several versions of what happened. Voiced version of the internal market showdown traders for the best trading point.There were those who blamed the fire the local authorities, who can not divide the territory. Many supporters came to the version that such a non-trivial way the city prepares to host the world Cup. And only one user suggested that the fire was caused by a banal short circuit or careless handling of fire.

And this is understandable: it is not the first fire in Rostov, over a relatively short period of time. In mid-September, burned the local hotel, killing two people. The MOE then stated that the cause of the accident was the flammable materials that were used in the decoration. Upon the death of the people of SC opened a criminal case under article “services that do not meet the requirements of safety, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons”.

In August, in Rostov there was a big fire in the private sector, covering 120 buildings in the area about 10 thousand sq. m. For medical care then turned of 58 people and more than 560 lost property. One person was killed — 76-year-old disabled couldn’t get out and burned in his house.

Residents accused in emergency of black realtors, who thus clean the area for the construction of new homes. This version adheres to the regional coordinator, “Open Russia” Anastasiya Shevchenko — she is convinced that a large-scale fire was beneficial to the developers who got the opportunity to buy land in the heart of the city at competitive prices. The interior Ministry opened a criminal case under article “deliberate destruction of property by an arson”.


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