A scientist caught the signals disappeared 12 years ago satellite


Ученый поймал сигналы пропавшего 12 лет назад спутникаThe astronomer found the companion that was lost 12 years ago

Astronomer named Scott told Dilly that he managed to make an incredible discovery, as it was able to detect the satellite, which was lost 12 years ago. It turned out that the satellite, which was considered “dead”, still showed signs of “life”.

The satellite Image was launched into earth orbit 18 years ago, and his main mission was to transfer the Land data relative to the activity of the Aurora and solar wind. The Agency is involved in tracking satellite signals, said that after six years of stable work of the machine suddenly stopped responding and disappeared from radar. Due to the fact that the Agency has deemed faulty, the Image was considered space debris, and all attempts to establish contact with him was discontinued.

What was a surprise to Scott when he was looking for traces of the missing signal of the satellite, called Zuma, and stumbled upon the signals emanating from the Image. Dilly also said that the satellite Zuma is likely irretrievably lost.


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